Daily Archives: February 22, 2010

Feeling not especially shirty on my birthday

So, here is me feeling ‘shirty’ on my birthday yesterday. Shirty, a good word also that isn’t used much these days. Let’s bring it back and get all uppity and shirty. In reference to upper torsal garments, shirty is one of those expressions that has fallen into too much disuse, just like describing a certain ‘wet’ type of mama’s-boy male as a ‘big girl’s blouse’. I like that one, too. By the way, I wasn’t actually feeling shirty at the time.

Anyway, when I wrote my recent blog on the need for color in our dress, and the splashes that Aloha shirts bring the senses, some of you asked that I offer a photo of myself in my cherished Tori Richard shirt. Here it is. You asked for it. You now may regret your request as you choose. At least the shirt is lovely.

So, as I intimated, yesterday was my birthday. As the years go by I consider the event with a little less rapture, but I guess the fact I am still having them indicates that all must still be OK. The alternative I would rather not consider. Talking to a friend today – she is a wonderful, but almost insufferably upbeat individual – she said she loves birthdays, both her own and those of others because the birthday marks the ultimate celebration of life. The DNA of your parents melded and you became you, with all your goodness and all your foibles. Interesting.

Sometimes, somewhere in the back of my psyche there is an image – an almost Platonic idealized image – of what a birthday should be like. The ‘birthdayness’ of the day should set the tone and then that is what the day should bring. I don’t think mine did. 

“What do you want for your birthday?” Wendy asked a while ago. “Other than to have it, I can’t think of a thing,” I replied, exasperating her as I tend to when gift suggestions are requested. But, it’s true. I don’t really want any ‘thing’. I want feelings; states-of-mind, if you will, but not things. I am not anti-material, it’s just that I basically have what I want. I have enough clothing to last a couple of lifetimes. Books are wonderful, but I have cases of them, any remaining unread thus far. Music? That ground is covered with the collection we jointly own, and most things new aren’t worth much consideration, by me at least.

A trip would be good. Any sort of trip. Trips are experiential and broaden the scope on life. Even a rollicking ‘dirty weekend’ qualifies in that regard. Actually, it qualifies in any regard.

Something I did value getting on my birthday was receiving phone calls from a couple of special people. One was my brother, and the other was from my darling Cristina, who was my ‘best man’ at my wedding to Wendy. She was that because she is my most simpatico friend in the world. Wendy doesn’t mind that because I had already known Cris for over a decade before I met her. The fact that we didn’t actually ‘know’ each other (as strikingly Portuguese as Cris is) rendered it a non-issue. A partner’s friends are never to be pushed away.

Oh, and we went for brunch at a local resort. A resort with a fine restaurant. I like brunch. Neither breakfast nor lunch, but a combo with desert thrown in.

Anyway, I had my birthday, and today is my birthday-plus-one. I still feel pretty much the same.