Covers the ground but nothing much else

In light of my recent blog on airport security, I received this from a friend. You may have seen it, or not. In any case enjoy:


7 responses to “Covers the ground but nothing much else

  1. Branding gone terribly wrong LOL!

  2. Who needs the
    Mile High Club?
    Party with the TSA.

  3. That’s scary…


    Oh ho, expect some new visitors because we are leaving tonight for the family (Texas version) celebration and I am so bringing this out for everyone to see!!!!!!!!!!!! Brilliant!!!!!!! Bloody brilliant. I am seriously considering having a sticker made and attaching it to the front of my carry-on!

    Great minds, aye my cyber crush? – not the first time we’ve covered the same subject within days of each other. It’s that Canadian-Scot connection, works all around the world apparently.

    Have a wonderful holiday with your lovely lady and family! As you know I consider from Samhain to New Year’s (which I don’t celebrate until February with the Tibetans) to be the ‘holiday season’ 🙂

    Post is upcoming but guess what? Santa (who in my house looks like a hairy adorable little Jew) asked me if I wanted a big rock for my finger, or the new IMac Quad desktop with all the toys!!!!!! You’ve known me a while, what do YOU think I said? 🙂

  5. I sense a sea change in the American public’s view of security. Until the next (real or fabricated) plot is uncovered, that is. Some of these would make great bumper stickers!

  6. I particularly enjoyed the last four…

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