Science gives a reason to book a room at the Cocky-Locky Inn


Science is a wonderful thing and now all the badly-behaved people out there have been told that, thanks to the research of Dr. Justin Garcia (no relation to Jerry, I understand) of Vancouver, that flagrant irresponsibility sexually and otherwise must be blame on our genes. We just can’t help it!

Well, at least, certain of us can’t help it. “Sorry, hon’, it was in my DNA. What can I do? It was intrinsic to do that with her (them – all of them).”

To wit:

“Dr. Garcia’s research, based on DNA scraped from the cheeks of 181 young sexually active adults, shows a link between a variant of DRD4 – a gene that affects dopamine receptors – and infidelity, one-night stands, drinking and thrill-seeking.”

As a consequence, DRD4 has been dubbed (really) the “slut gene”.

I mean, how cool is that? We can go out and sow our wild oats far and wide with anybody available and willing and we can’t be indicted for something that is as much who we are as the color of our hair or eyes – right? Oh, and according to the findings, we’ll probably be loaded at the time, and may even want to take our new snuggle-bunny sky-diving for afters.

Garcia maintains that we all have the promiscuity or “cheating” gene, but most of us, for the sake of domestic harmony among other considerations keep our flies zipped or thighs together as regards indiscriminate usage of our nether parts. 

But those who have a certain variant of the gene will want to keep repeating their bad behavior. I think we might want to call this the Charlie Sheen variant, for want of a name.

However, Garcia does add a caveat. In other words, he says we are not just primal animals and our big brains and societal conventions tend to inhibit us from succumbing to temptation too readily.

But, he adds, that if a partner does stray, it doesn’t mean he/she doesn’t still love you and value his/her primary relationship, it’s just that the thrill-seeking gene variant got to be too much to contend with.

Sure, Dr. Garcia. I expect that reasoning would mollify most spouses when they happen to catch their partner out in flagrante delicto, no? Or, if that argument falls on deaf ears, you could always try the old Lenny Bruce ploy of complete denial even if you are caught in the act of intercourse. “It’s not what it looks like, baby.”

It has also been suggested that there is an evolutionary advantage to this gene and that it ties in to when times were tough, life was short and brutal and propagation of the species was paramount. This was long before rules and mores that constrict us today.

Those were the days – eh, Charlie?


6 responses to “Science gives a reason to book a room at the Cocky-Locky Inn

  1. What jumped out at me is that they’re calling it the slut gene. Female promiscuity = slut. Male promiscuity? It’s all good. Is there even a male equivalent for slut?

  2. Jazz is right. I don’t think gigolo has the same connotation as slut.
    On the other hand, it seems males tend to think anything like a woman enjoying her sexuality is either slutty or a turn on or both. I think women have just as much right as men to enjoy themselves.

  3. OMG! Soon there will be no need to take responsibility for anything because we’re “just made that way”?

  4. I remember all of this, just. Or am I imagining being young, once!

  5. Hmmm… DRD4 you say? I must remember that !!

  6. So, it wasn’t the Devil that made him do it…. it was his DNA!

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