Let political correctness save our souls #4987

All I can say is thank God we have ‘authorities’ to protect us from our baser instincts and/or biases.

The other thing I can say is, have our bozo moral overseers ever listened to the lyrics of a lot of rap stuff? Man, there is material galore for the collective Mrs. Grundys that keeps us safe from nastiness.

My little bit of pique about the issue of censoring the work of the genuinely creative comes from a little gem of little mindedness I just read about yesterday. It is as follows:

The Dire Straits song Money For Nothing, a staple of classic-rock radio and music-video oldies shows, has been ruled as too offensive for the airways, two and a half decades after its original release.

The Canadian Broadcast Standards Council has found that the word “faggot” in the lyrics breaches the council’s code of ethics. The decision is in response to a complaint against radio station OZ FM in Newfoundland for broadcasting the song last February.

Now, I just finished waxing ‘pissed-off’ a few days ago about the move by a publishing company to censor the N-world in Huckleberry Finn in the name of nouveau sensitivity, and now forces of similar mindset are set to control our freedom to listen to a song by Dire Straits. What a country Canada can be sometimes. 

This is Dire Straits, you philistines. This is one of the most intelligent musical ensembles to come around in the last three decades. I reiterate, as I did over Huckleberry Finn, how dare you? I mean, if you want to protect us from awfulness why don’t you ban that excruciatingly godawful Titanic theme thing foisted on the world by Celine Dion? Now that would be a service to society in my esteem.

To be sure ‘faggot’ (unless it is applied to a bundle of sticks trussed up for burning; or as a certain type of meatball in the UK) is a pejorative term pertaining to homosexuals. But (as is the case of Finn) if you regard the reference in context of the song subject it works. And I have never heard any gay friend or associate suggest the song offended them, nor were there any entreaties by the gay community for the ban, to my knowledge.

So, who the hell are these ‘Canadian Broadcast Standards’ folks who make such decisions and why do they have the right to do this? And if they are about expunging the term ‘faggot’ from a pop song why haven’t they assaulted (my much-beloved) Fairy Tale of New York? After all, it contains as sung by the late Kirsty MacColl the line:

“You’re a scumbag, you’re a maggot, a cheap lousy faggot …)

Hmm, maybe I shouldn’t have mentioned that or the boys and girls from the broadcast standards brigade will be on that one, too.

All I can say is that I suffer under the belief that there are actual issues to be addressed in this country, and Dire Straits’ Money for Nothing doesn’t fall into that realm. Shh, don’t tell anybody but I actually have a CD that contains that verboten ditty. Hope I won’t hear jackboots coming up my steps at 2 am.

8 responses to “Let political correctness save our souls #4987

  1. Well said, Ian, and may I add to today’s list of nanny-state irritants the commandment from on high that 75 and 100-watt incandescent light bulbs may no longer be sold in Canada. Apparently we are to replace them with those compact fluorescent jobbies that throw light of a nauseating hue, cost several times as much, and contain highly toxic mercury, of all things. Time for the public to push back on this one.

  2. Oh, the lightbulbs. That is a rant that will be forthcoming from me. It’s an outrage at all levels including an environmental one. Yes, we must push back on this and meanwhile I am hoarding and hoarding because damned if I’ll be bullied like that. And thanks for your compliment on this one, Brent.

  3. When I heard this story, my first thought was “WTF??” It’s a SONG, people, from bloody 1985! It’s not a political manifesto from some Hitler wannabe. So the word “faggot” is in there, which isn’t the nicest word you can say, but then again, neither is “bitch” or “whore” and they’re in a lot of songs. So ONE person complained. Oh well. If I complain to my local radio station about them playing the Rolling Stones “Under My Thumb”, whining that it’s derogatory to women, can I get it off the air permanently all over Canada too??? Shit, people, get serious and deal with stuff that is really important, like poverty or pollution, maybe!

  4. ?!?!?!?!??!?! There are no -words- sufficient to express my dismay! I agree, too, with previous commentors!

  5. Are there some extremely thin skinned faggots at the Canadian Broadcast Standards Council?
    Or just people afraid of offending extremely thin skinned faggots?
    Or people who believe that all faggots are extremely thin skinned?
    Or people who believe that all faggots ought to be regarded as being extremely thin skinned?
    Or are those responsible for this nonsense people who think of homosexuals as faggots?

  6. Odd that they just noticed lyrics from an old song. I’ve always smiled when I listen to the pop/hip hop station and they bleep so many words and then another station will play Blondie’s “Rapture” which actually uses the phrase “finger f#@&ing” and you can hear it clear as bell (the official lyrics say “finger popping” but that’s not what she sings). I just heard that a few hours ago. And I won’t even go into a bunch of old Stones tunes. They say all kinds of stuff.

  7. And yet, lyrics that say “Kill the bitch” offend no one.

    These people really need to pull the stick out of their asses. Geez.

  8. Do you know this one?

    Banish the use of the four-letter words
    Whose meanings are never obscure
    The Angles, the Saxons, those hardy old birds,
    Were vulgar, obscene, and impure.
    But cherish the use of the weaseling phrase
    That never quite says what you mean
    You’d better be known for your hypocrite ways
    Than as vulgar, impure and obscene…

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