Sometimes you just have to vent a little to freshen the air in the room

I’ve had a number of things sticking in my craw over the last few days, and probably I should expose some opinions about them. By the way, where exactly is a body’s ‘craw’? Wherever it is, some stuff is jammed there. At the same time, I don’t want to get into any major rants about these matters. I’ll just end up getting more distressed and, despite the state of the known universe, I seem to be feeling pretty good, so I don’t want to jinx that.

Notwithstanding, here are just some gems to ponder in terms of particular matters that are rendering my life less-than-salubrious. And here are some thoughts about the same.

–         The dog-slaughter guy: If you haven’t heard about this shocking tale, then check the Internet or Facebook. I won’t belabor the details here. All I can say is “I was only following orders,” didn’t work so well for the Nuremberg defendants, and it won’t wash with me, Mr. Seeking Compensation for work-related stress. According to police the guy has received Internet threats. Aww.

–         Lightbulb Police State: I couldn’t even begin to express my chagrin over the imposition – yes, ‘imposition’ as in no choice – of inferior-quality, environmentally-disgusting, and outrageously overpriced curly-pseudo-lightbulbs on an economically-pressed society, all in the name of – what? The environment? Bullshit. That lie has been exposed for what it’s worth. So, I guess in the name of somebody making a huge profit somewhere. And why, my inner-libertarian asks, are we allowing governments to decree such nonsense without so much as a by-your-leave? Stand up and be counted, folks. These political bozos only exist by your good will.

-Speaking of bozos: In British Columbia all sorts of (possibly, in some cases) well meaning sorts are vying for leadership of their respective political parties. I’d kinda like to hear comment on this matter:

The sad, short lives of 21 B.C. children who all died before their second birthday has the province’s independent children’s representative calling on the government to do more to fight child poverty.

Mary Ellen Turpel-Lafond also demanded the 12 candidates vying to replace the leaders of the provincial Liberals and NDP develop strategies to reduce British Columbia’s child poverty rate.

“Any person who is putting their hat forward to be a leader of any party in this province needs to have a well-formulated position on this issue because it’s with us and it’s not going away,” she said after releasing a report Thursday

The province has had the worst rate in Canada for several years in a row and poverty is directly related to poor outcomes for children, said the report. BCTV

–         For those exulting in what is happening in Egypt at the moment, be careful about what you wish for. Yes, it is invariably exhilarating to watch dictators deservedly lose their power. But I am old enough to recall similar feelings when the Shah was toppled in Iran.

–         Suppose you gave a party nobody wanted to attend?: In Canada the opposition Liberals are fulminating about wanting a federal election. Only problem is, nobody else does. Does this bode well for the desperate-to-be-loved Iggy? The Prime Minister, on the other hand, doesn’t seem to care much if people love him or loathe him. What does that say about the state-of-the-nation? My personal jury is out on that one.

–         Bread and Circuses: Forthcoming ‘reality’ realm television offerings for the season appear to be even grosser and more braindead than ever before. What an inspiration to young females who aren’t applying themselves in class. Just become a singularly unattractive, alcoholic, foulmouthed professional slut and earn the big bucks and have everybody watch you. And we thought culture was dead.



4 responses to “Sometimes you just have to vent a little to freshen the air in the room

  1. 1) The craw is more or less the esophagus – it’s where, birds, for instance keep food to regurgitate for their young. TMI?

    2) So is that asshole dog guy – and his employers…

    3) I’m tempted to say screw the new lightbulbs, but it’s such an awful pun. But I’ve said it haven’t I? Or typed it at any rate.

    4) Ah, the Shah, I’m old enough to remember that too. And look at Iran today. Not sure how much better off that poor country is.

    5) Poor Iggy, must be tough for a politician to have the charisma of a wet mop. He should have stuck with teaching.

  2. Yes Ian. It has been a busy week. Topped off with wickedly snowy weather back east (and cold too!) and then another Queensland calamity by the name of Cyclone Yasi. And of course there’s always those pesky light bulbs. I like Jazz’s comment – screw them! Well we have been but now what happens if we need to dispose of them?
    As for Egypt – good thing they aren’t currently building any pyramids. Wonder if something like this happened in the time of the Pharaohs. Hmmm.
    I can’t even bear to think about the sled dog massacre. Just too awful. Now us Canucks will be known internationally as “Seal clubbers and Husky murderers.” Great.

  3. I thought you were going to say Castro, because that’s who came to mind to me. Here’s an article you may like about the bulbs that was published in our paper:
    And he didn’t even mention all the existing lampshades that are the type that slip over a bulb. I have several of those.

  4. Thanks for the article you sent along, Geewits. Captures my sentiments perfectly. Why are we all putting up with this without fighting back. Why are governments assuming we’re just a bunch of sheep? Guess because that seems to be exactly what we’re acting like.

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