You’ll have to forgive me, I’m highly confused

Oops. I missed the Oscars again. Damn! I really should have watched because I’d actually seen one of the films nominated. That was Inception and it was quite OK, and a damn sight better than the only one I’d seen the previous year, the execrable Inglorious Basterds.

I didn’t watch, however, because I was too busy sorting out my mental confusion that was resulting from my persistent confusing of Charlie Sheen’s vicious ravings with the markedly similar insane rants of Moammar Gadhafi. Gadhafi (glad they finally settled on a spelling of his name, since in his early days on the international political scene there were about 11,000 versions), he’s the one in Libya, right? He’s the one who sees enemies on all sides of him and is determined to take them down. 

There, you see, now I’m confusing him with Sheen once again.

I like Charlie better. I can’t help but admire a dude who takes a level of dysfunction to such a pinnacle of self-destructiveness that he makes poor Lindsay Lohan look like the virginal girl next door. I like Charlie, too, because his determination to prove ‘everybody’ else wrong flies in the face of all clinical precepts concerning addiction and the mental health toll it takes on those who continue to carry on regardless. The enemies are at the gate and Charlie’s a-gonna take ‘em all down.

Or is that Gadhafi? There, you see.

Anyway, I’ve worked in the addictions field for a number of years and have a few thoughts on the matter – this is Charlie we’re talking about here, by the way – and I had thought my feelings about it were based on a certain background knowledge about the field and observations of the behaviors of those who are wrestling with a condition that some even hold to be an illness. Maybe it is. Maybe it isn’t. My person jury is out on that school of thought.

Notwithstanding that, however, sometimes addiction sends the victim into a realm of behavior known as ‘denial’, which is pronounced pretty much the same way as a large river relatively near where Gadhafi lives. Denial evokes thoughts that everybody else is wrong and the enemy is at the gates, much as in Libya. Except in Charlie’s case the enemy is at the gates of Two-and-a-Half Men, for which he is (was) reimbursed to the level of $1.8 million per episode – and America wonders why its economy is kind of fucked, my-my – and he has said that he won’t consider coming back unless he gets $3 million per. Other aspects of denial are delusion and megalomania.

Come on, Charlie, the program isn’t that damn good, nor is it that damn funny. It’s tiresomely predictable and it also boasts a supporting cast without whom the thing would go nowhere. Charlie is a counterpoint, and that’s about it.

Anyway, I might mention that Charlie is getting old and if he wants to get much older then he might consider changing his ways a tad. I know that William Burroughs and Hunter S. Thompson were exceptions to the bad behavior quick mortality rules, but it might be well to consider that Thompson ultimately stuck a pistol in his mouth with lethal results.

On the other hand, Thompson’s act might be something Gadhafi considers as an option. Not Charlie though. Charlie can be a talented guy who is very watchable. He should maybe consider trying to give back a little. The public can be very forgiving. Ask Robert Downey.


11 responses to “You’ll have to forgive me, I’m highly confused

  1. My thoughts on them: They’re both assholes, but at least Charlie is an asshole without the power to go around killing people with impunity. That I know of.

  2. Two jerks the world doesn’t really need. If I were paid 1.8 million per episode, I’d thank my lucky stars, put away for a rainy day, find some ways to give back that were genuine, try to be an example for my kids and try to enjoy life without sticking anything up my nose or in my arm, swilling booze, brawling or having public quarrels over things best kept private.

    I really enjoy Martin Sheen. Charlie? Not so much.

  3. 2.5 Men is a mildly amusing diversion. To think that anyone would get paid even a mere 1.8M pesos for this 25 minutes of predictable pap suggests that the world is mad. Or that I am just getting to be as curmudgeonly as Ian.

    Your other character, on the other hand, is a raving lunatic who is only in power because we, along with the rest of the western world, have swallowed our civilized morals and worshiped the god of Oil. Lockerbie – and we still supported him? Or am I missing something?

  4. You hit the nail on the head in both cases – I actually kinda feel sorry that neither one knows how much of a jerk he really is….but you know they must be um…dysfunctional – yeah that’s it – dysfunctional…NOT! They are plain…what did Jazz say? Oh yeah…assholes.

  5. I think Robert Downey is a good guy, and far more talented than Charlie Sheen, despite Sheen’s ability to bring a little bit of Libya to the American people. We are under siege from assholes, and it wouldn’t surprise me if Gadhaffi began to demand three million for every tirade.

  6. Thank you for the old chestnut about denial…cheered me up tremendously.

  7. You raise some really good points, Vic. And you are probably as curmudgeonly as I, which is why we get on so well.

  8. Talking of rants, dd you see this? Fun quiz though I’ve never heard of Glenn Beck.

    I saw Charlie Sheen on the Piers Morgan show and, although he’s acted like an utter wanker as regarding booze, drugs and prostitutes, at least he doesn’t deny what he is doing. But age will catch him out eventually, I imagine.

  9. Glenn Beck is a loudmouthed, self-styled pundit on American TV. Unfortunately he has a lot of followers. Pretty much the same ones who subscribe to the dubious charms of Ms. Palin.

  10. I thought that show had gotten pretty disgusting. I’m glad Sheen’s been called out. And I will never like him.

    Why is it you do so many good posts when I’m taking a computer break? I loved your last two.

  11. Geewits: Thank you so much for your compliment. Means a lot to me.

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