OK, the time has come to strip myself naked for you all

Sometimes I don’t think I’m personal enough in my blog. Sometimes I’ll write what I think is a good posting and will get only two or three responses. I mean, I always value the responses I get, but if I happen to think the blog is good, thought-provoking or contains a lot of Calvin Trillin kind of ironic wit, I’d like it to be more widely read.

Then I get feelings of inadequacy and insecurity. It’s nothing new. I used to get the same sort of thing with my newspaper column. “What’s wrong with them? Can’t they appreciate how brilliant I was?” It’s similar to the sort of thing that can happen with sex. “What’s wrong with her, can’t she appreciate that that was possibly the best encounter of her life?” 

I know – I know. It’s all about ego.

But, sometimes I look at the blogs of others. Worthy blogs, of course, and I see people who have 976 (or thereabouts) cogent comments from readers. God, does that make me feel like clumsy fat kid when players on a volleyball team are being chosen. “What about meeee? I’m nice.”

There is something I have noticed with such blogs, however. They are often very personal and revelatory. Some are TMI revelatory. Some are even WTMI revelatory, but that doesn’t seem to matter. We live in a time in which too many people expose themselves and their inner workings (all of them) to all and sundry, it seems.

I don’t much do that. I tend to keep certain things private and away from public scrutiny. I am not particularly shy or modest. I not only bathe in the nude, but I have even skinny-dipped in mixed company. But, I realize I am still a bit loath to reveal too much about me. For example, you know nothing about my underwear and maybe are agog about the idea of knowing. There are bloggers who offer tales of their skivvies and also wax poetically, and sometimes even erotically about what happens when their skivvies are removed by an intimate friend. Fun. I don’t mind titillation at all. I just find myself hard-pressed to write about it.

So, maybe the time has come for change. Part of this inspiration arises from the fact that this very afternoon I am going to interview three young woman who take their clothes off in public places. No, they are not exhibitionists or strippers, but are artists’ models. How do they do that? A readership is agog to find out, I am hoping.

Anyway, if they can disrobe in public, surely I can metaphorically disrobe here. So, as follows is some personal stuff about me:

–         Underwear: I garb myself in underpants primarily because one does. Commando wasn’t a good career move even for Britney. I wear your standard jockey-shorts in multi colors. OK. Did you want to know that? Well, now you do.

–         Sex: I am not a virgin, nor even like a virgin. I won’t tell you an actual number of “friends with privileges” I’ve known over the years for that would be bragging, an admission of rejection, or a boldfaced lie. You will never know that.

–         Hygiene: I shower every morning and also wash my hair every day. Six days of the week I shower, and one day in the seven I have a tub bath in our large Jacuzzi. It’s heavenly. Mostly it’s solitary, but sometimes not. Nuff sed. And I also shave every morning. My face, that is.

–         Cosmetic adornments: I have no tattoos, nor do I want any. I don’t like them. I have no piercings. See tattoos.

–         Jewelry: I wear three rings. Two on my left hand, including a wedding band, and one on the right. I like rings. Oh, and I wear a wristwatch. I cannot cope with life without a watch.

–         Sacktime: We have a kingsize bed. It is heavenly. I couldn’t imagine sleeping in tandem in even a queen any more, let alone a double. And it is covered with an eiderdown duvet, not blankets. And sheets are changed weekly. I find crisp new sheets to be almost sensual.

–         Garb: Mainly casual, jeans and the like. But, I love dressing up and have even been known to deck myself out in a tux. I love being invited to a shindig that demands a tux.

OK. Is that revelatory enough? You don’t actually see me “warts and all” (I have no warts, BTW) but pretty close for now. Let me know how I’m doing. If you have burning questions about me I may or may not answer them.


18 responses to “OK, the time has come to strip myself naked for you all

  1. I could not resist the title of this post and laughed all the way through!
    Hope you are not feeling too exposed 🙂

  2. Happy to expose myself to you, dear old friend. Haven’t seen you in a long while.

  3. I’m a bit similar to you in that respect. We’re journalists and want to know everything about anyone and yet are sometimes coy about ourselves. I rarely reveal the “inner me”, whatever that is.
    I’ve given up on how many people read my blog. My old blog, now retired, got about 100 hits a day; sometimes up to 300, and once an amazing 2,000. I’ve now lost a lot of readership by jumping ship from Blogger to WordPress. But I’m not concerned: I write for myself and family and friends. And, of course, you’re also my Facebook friend so I appreciate your comments.
    I keep a hardcopy of my blogposts because, perhaps, one day when I’m long gone my children might want to know a little about me; my father was a journalist, historian and biographer but he never wrote about himself. A pity as he had an amazing life.
    I enjoy blogging and I thank my wife for suggesting I start one.

  4. Oh bloody hell, what a long comment. I’ve become a windbag!

  5. Dumdad: I guess it is the journalist in us. My motivations are remarkably similar to yours. I’ve never thought of putting my blogs in hard copy. It’s not really such a bad idea.

  6. I must change my glasses…I read the heading for your last post
    giving up something for Lent followed by the heading for this one and thought

    Well, I’ve not yet heard of someone giving up clothes for Lent…but ex Canada semper aliquid novi, I suppose….hope it’s not too cold…

    and then it clicked.

  7. See – underwear sells! Look at all the comments 🙂

  8. And you seem to have excited something on the internet…I clicked off and what should come up but something calling itself live sex with an underclad young woman on display.
    You under rate your influence…

  9. What? you don’t wear thongs!?!?! Oh god, why did i implant that image into my head… Le shudder

    When we stay at a hotel we try to always have a king. Though it sometimes freaks me out when I wake up and can’t find Mr. Jazz.

  10. Jazz: You shudder? Think of me with the dental floss between my cheeks. No, better not, perhaps.

  11. I would leave a lengthier comment, but I’m too busy laughing!!!
    Thanks for that after a long day…

    PS: As a former writer/journalist, I find it hard to be revealing…too much time exposed to the secrets of others, but I’d much rather see a man in a tux than a thong anytime.

  12. While the blogosphere would love to see you naked, please don’t give in. Your writing is erudite, insightful, and often hilarious, without you stooping to verbal nudity. Be proud of the fact you don’t get as many comments as say, Dooce, or the now defunct Petite Anglaise. The latter wrote about her affair with her blog reader, the former writes about her poops or an old boyfriend’s fondness for having a coke bottle shoved up his , um, well, you get the idea . We love you just the way you are!

  13. Um … yeah, that bit about the underwear? Definitely TMI. But I do understand about feeling that some things should be private and just not open to public scrutiny. I’m exactly the same way – and I’m not even a journalist!

  14. I used to read a blog and then the lady got too, uhm, just “too.” I don’t like to read about people’s sex lives. Or lack of, or anything of the sort. My guess about your blog is that you do not respond to comments. People really like that. They spend some time thinking of a good response to your post and they want feedback. I stopped reading some blogs where I never got feedback from my comments. Other than that, my only complaint with you is that you seem to post your best coolest stuff when I’m out of pocket. I hate when I catch it late. But that’s all about me, I guess and not you. Ego?

  15. Well, look at you! You’re practically naked!!

    I wish you had a “follow” button. Then you would come up on my dashboard. As it is, I’ve saved you as a “favorite” but don’t always remember to look! You are a very good writer, though, and I’m always glad when I remember to come here. 🙂

    I know what you mean about some blogs have tons of readers, even if they’re not particularly well-written. The blogosphere can be very insular and rather junior-high-ish at times. In my first couple weeks online, I joined a “humor” website where the rules were laid out clearly, one of them being that all works must be original. Two or three days into it, a woman who turned out to be rather a pet of the place posted a very old and well-known story as her own. I wrote something mild about thinking that the posts were all to be original and was torn apart by a pack of wild dogs, one of whom went so far as to dig into my IP address and mock a number of things about me (including my last name, which is rather distinctive). I had no idea the hornet’s nest I had stirred up, had no idea about the unspoken rules. I cut my ties with that website and have been wary of where I go ever since.

    Wait. Why did I tell you all of that? 🙂 Oh, yes. MY ego.

    You write very well. Please don’t stop.


  16. I’m with you on the clean sheets thing…they are the best thing ever!

  17. Geewits: You raise a very good point about my being laggardly in responding. Sometimes after I’ve written a blog I get busy with other stuff and don’t look back to check. Other times I’m just a lazy sonofabitch.
    Pearl: I am practically blushing at your comments. Coming from you, one of the absolute best, I feel honored indeed. And please come by any time you have a mind to.
    Pinklea: Yep, the undies thing is a bit over the top.
    Jane: I am flattered that the blogosphere would like to see me naked, but be careful what you wish for. But your points are well-taken and I try to avoid icky self-references. I think my newspaper background contributes to that.

  18. lol, i’m a great believer in TMI, although few people read Paws which makes it easier. If I got 100’s of comments I might find it harder to be blunt.

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