Try a little randomness

My smart blogger pal Jazz is really adept at presenting her random thoughts about a multiplicity of subjects and presenting them with (sometimes cynical, and at least sarcastic) wit and well-stated élan.

Today I thought I’d take a page from her book and offer you some uncalled for opinions on a few matters of late. Some of the items chosen might have called for an entire treatise, but I just didn’t feel ambitious enough to do that. 

So here we are:

–         The not untimely demise of Elizabeth Taylor: Let’s face it for years she hasn’t been much other than cruel and insensitive joke fodder for the once-funny (rather than now funny-looking) Joan Rivers. OK, I was never a Liz fan. She was a lousy actress with only two roles that warranted esteem. Her first, National Velvet (sweet kiddie flick and she was unspoiled and cute) and as shrewish harridan Martha in Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf. In that she was brilliant. Otherwise, just a mass of dreck, leaving her mainly notable for her 30 or so marriages to, with the exception of Burton, remarkably uninteresting males.

–         The highly likely Canadian federal election: This is something that will accomplish nothing other than to rob the taxpayers so that a bunch of unworthies can secure their positions for another go at the same thing. The more it changes the more it stays the same. Oh well, we could be in Libya. Mustn’t grumble since it accomplishes nothing. Nobody ever listens to me about these matters.

–         Libya: This action is called establishing a “no-fly zone.” Funny, it looks a hell of a lot like war to me. I’m not up enough on my euphemisms I guess.

–         Martin Sheen: Remember when he was hyped as a nouveau James Dean? A pretty cool younger actor especially if you recall Badlands and Apocalypse Now, before he segued into the went on far too long West Wing and parlayed his political leanings into a Kennedyesque president. Well, Kennedyesque except he kept his pants on. Oh, and then there’s Charlie Sheen, but I have nothing to write I that regard.

–         The Japanese earthquake/tsunami: We were shocked and aghast about what happened across the Pacific and many well-meaning people have volunteered to either help or to at least send financial aid. Even Canada added a pittance, which was damn big of us. But, as so often happens, the media in our part of the world grew weary of the big ‘over-there’ picture and began self-obsessively focusing on ‘what if it happens here?’ So, newspapers came to be filled with ugly scenarios of how the big one will devastate all that we hold dear, complete with graphics and pictures and posted odds and how utterly unprepared we are for this and what buildings will fall down, etc. Even we were susceptible and we sure went out and bought some bottled water just in case. It will be stored in the garage (deemed to be the worst place to store emergency supplies) until the next big cataclysm somewhere else, at which time we’ll pay attention again. Meanwhile, the horrors continue in Japan. There it’s not yet old news, but we must say don’t be spewing your damn radiation our side of the Pacific.


8 responses to “Try a little randomness

  1. I agree with you on Liz Taylor but, gosh, she was a beauty in her prime. She was tremendous in “Who’s Afraid of Virginia Wolf” and she got an Oscar as she did for Butterfield 8, which apparently was won on a sympathy vote.

  2. What exactly does no fly zone mean??? We seem to be flying in it quite a bit. No fly for the bad guys? Because we’re the good guys aren’t we? I think…

    I think I’ll go take a nap now.

    And Martin Sheen was brilliant in Apocalypse… One of the rare instances where the movie was as good as the book, though of course it was only loosely based on the story.

    Ok, yeah, naptime

  3. Read “Heart of Darkness” because of Apocalypse Now, so I guess it was good for something, but I’ve tired of both Martin and his son (s)…


  4. Pearl: We read Heart of Darkness in high school, which was much too young to really appreciate what was going on and all the psychological implications. The film did give me a greater appreciation for Wagner.

  5. My fave Taylor films were Suddenly Last Summer and A Place In The Sun. Montgomery Clift really brought out something in her. (Maybe she was freaked that her great beauty couldn’t turn him?)

    Martin Sheen is just more of a character actor and has 223 films under his belt. I’d think that you as an addiction counselour would have some sympathy for him.

    Not to make light of the horrors in Japan, but it’s nice to know that Texas is not the only TV news place that turns every story into: How does this relate to US?

  6. Geewits: Sympathy for Martin or for Charlie? Martin has my every sympathy. As for Charlie, even wearing my counselor’s hat, I again am sympathetic but until he gets out of his spiral of denial he won’t get his life back and his hystrionics will continue.

  7. Geewits again: I forgot A Place in the Sun (a fine film), but it was very much Monty Clift’s film rather than hers.

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