This blog is especially not about that wedding thing


It’s just another manic Monday, and I’m stuck. Nothing of genuine inspiration is coming my way blogwise. I have some topics I’ve speculated on and have decided arbitrarily they aren’t sufficient to really go anywhere. I can decide such things arbitrarily, you see, because it’s my blog and it’s one of the few areas in life in which I have that sort of freedom.

So, what to write about in a time of intellectual and creative torpor? You know, I’m a soi-disant social commentator (aren’t we all?) so it should come easy because there’s a world of stuff. But sometimes I think that if I haven’t said it ‘all’, then somebody else has.

Anyway, as follows are some musings that haven’t taken flight. If you see one that tickles your fancy then I will gladly expand on it, but at this juncture the subsequent offerings are merely germs of ideas.

–         Environmentally sensitive kids: It’s widely held that it is the people of the older generation who are crass and unaware of the nasty legacy we’re leaving in terms of waste and effluvia, and the tiny tots are sensitized to the future they will soon be inheriting. Well, that’s nice, but somehow the message about littering seems to have escaped them, since the roadway leading to our local high school is vile with litter and crap along the track leading from fast-food outlets to the school. Hmm.

–         I’ve got them wedding bell blues: Suppose you held a royal wedding and you just didn’t capture the imagination of the public the way the hucksters and hipsters predicted you would? You know, the Kate and Will thing that is happening sometime or other in the near future. Turns out that 70 percent of Canadians couldn’t give a flying (act of sexual intercourse) about it. Why would anyone have thought otherwise, is a question I have? And even in the UK the amazing boring couple has driven a third of the population to try to book holidays abroad on the wedding day.

–         Janis: I was in the car the other evening listening to a CD of Joplin’s greatest hits, specifically Piece of My Heart, her signature song that I absolutely love. But I realized that listening to Janis always makes me just a bit sad at the waste of her all too short life and the snuffing out of her amazing talent. The premature death of Jim Morrison doesn’t bother me at all. As talented as he was, he was also an asshole. But, for me, Janis was different.

–         Dr. Wolf and his coconut-bra bimbos: When we were on Rarotonga many years ago we were looking for a souvenir calendar to take home with us. The only localized ones we could find on the lovely tropical isle were ones produced by a local medical practitioner we christened Dr. Wolf. He was also a self-professed ‘glam’ photographer whose signature offerings were Polynesian maidens in coconut shell bras (which must have been uncomfortable) of various permutations. “Hey, check out the size of the shells on that babe!” Like I said, charming but still a bit limited in scope.

–         Well-fed munchkins: Distress over all the junk-food stuffed little porkers in our schools today. I look at my class photo from the first grade. We look like scrawny waifs from a refugee camp. There’s a statement there, folks.

–         Signs of increasing fogeydom: Periodically I notice things that indicate to me, despite my best intentions, I am getting older. Then I decided the topic was too depressing.

–         Politics: No, not for this particular blog. I’m feeling nice this sunny Monday morning and I’d like to retain that feeling for as long as possible.

–         Max’s best dog pals: Should we invite Cola, Abby, Ben and Jake over for a playdate or would they all get drunk and out-of-hand? I’ll have to ponder this one more, but I do like the fact that due to dog pals we’ve gotten much better acquainted with some very nice people. Dogs as social lubricant, hmm. Has possibilities.



10 responses to “This blog is especially not about that wedding thing

  1. How do you know Janis wasn’t an asshole?

    I want posts on the well fed munchkins and the signs of impending fogeydom. Linking the two together in one post would be a bonus.

  2. I don’t know that Janis wasn’t an asshole, but she was also an insecure drunken waif, whereas Morrison was an arrogant drunken asshole. To me there’s a difference. Well-fed brats and increasing fogeydom. I’ll take it under advisement.

  3. Oh, boy. Everything kind of looks doom-and-gloom-ish except for Max and friends… Yay, Max!

  4. I think our news programmes are also struggling for something to say. Today’s headline is …shock horror…David Cameron may only wear a lounge suit for The Wedding. Give me strength…no, give me the travel agent’s number !!

  5. I know what you mean about Janis vs. Jim. 🙂 Janis seems like she would’ve had a lot more to say, musically, while we will never know waht kind of mugshots were in Jim’s future…


  6. Or if they would have been shots of his ‘mug’ per se, Pearl.

  7. Funny – I’m with our sister Jazz on the potential offerings: well-fed munchkins and signs of impending fogeydom sound good to me. I am a bit of a royal fan (just a BIT: this newer generation is pretty boring compared to the Chuck and Di show, the Fergie scandals, the Duke-of-Edinbugh-foot-in-the-mouth stories. Even young Harry seems to have calmed right down. Ho hum…), so I’d also avidly read a piece about Will and Kate and how boring they and their wedding are.

  8. Pinklea. Now poor, dear, exquisite Diana. That was entirely different. I was living in England when Chuck and Di got married and I fell madly in love with her. But, alas, she never returned my plaintive calls.

  9. You were living in England then? I was in Europe that summer myself! I came home the day before the wedding – I think I flew out of Frankfurt, though, not London – and so I was still on Western European time and it was easy for me to stay up and watch the wedding on TV.

    So our paths came just slightly close to crossing all those years ago – all I needed to do was get across the Channel and find you in the summer of 1981! 😉

  10. I do wish you had come across the Channel back in 1981. We almost passed in the night. We could have gone for a pint together and who knows what might have happened? On the other hand, considering that we are sibling related — well, you know.

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