OK, I’m 65.2% happy. That’s not so bad, is it?

Happiness?  That’s nothing more than health and a poor memory.  ~Albert Schweitzer

Are you happy? No, I won’t ask you to clap your hands. No, but really, are you happy? Can you define it? If I were to come up to you on the street and ask you: “So (insert name here), are you happy?”

Not that easy, is it. Am I happy this morning? Well, I awakened and everything seemed to be working OK, so I am happy about the relatively reasonable state of my well-being. The house is still standing. We have food enough to feed ourselves and Max, so that’s good. The sun is shining, and that’s very good. I think we can pay our mortgage and bills this month, and there is no big conflict between the two of us. So, all in all, it’s fine, so I guess I must be happy.

And there is wisdom in Schweitzer’s comment. If you don’t have your health, then it is difficult to attain happiness. And if you have a poor memory then you can forget all the crap of the past that might drag a fellow down. Some things are just better not remembered, or at least remembered selectively.

So, there I was feeling relatively good about my personal happiness. Then I took a test I found at http://www.indicedebonheur.com/home.htm. Well, that just screwed my joyous mood because I found, after answering the queries as honestly as I could, that my happiness quotient only came in at 65.2 out of 100. Well, that’s barely C-plus. Oh, what the hell do they know? But, give it a try and see how you do.

Some elements of life do make me happy, however. I mean, not all the time, but much of the time, unless I’m really pissed-off and then nothing much will work. But that is rare.

So, here are my sources of happiness. Let me know what yours are and maybe I can pick up some hints:

–         Living in the home I do, in the neighborhood I do, and the town and country I do, despite the fact they infuriate me at times.

–         Being in a generally healthy relationship with somebody I love. Took me a while to get to this place, but I did.

–         Being relatively healthy and having access to clinical aid when I’m not, and being able to pay the sawbones.

–         Having all my own hair if not all my own teeth.

–         Being just a smashing looking dude who looks at least a decade younger than he is and hence still wows the babes. OK, so lying to myself can boost my ego and that makes me happy.

–         Having a good sense of humor.

–         Having few vices left. Oh well, maybe that’s just an age thing.

–         Enjoying the few that I do have left.

–         Making love with somebody I love. Well, mainly my spouse since she’s likely to read this.

–         Owning the Wonder Dog.

–         Going off on a trip to somewhere wonderful, or even just OK.

–         Having been to a lot of amazing places in the world.

–         Having known (and still knowing) some amazing people of both sexes whom I love dearly.

–         Having some very special friends (whom I also love dearly)

–         ‘Giving back’ either as a volunteer, or with moral support for a person in need, or financial support if I have the wherewithal.

–         Living in the country I do rather than some unfortunate war-torn shithole. Canada may have its problems, but compared with some spots, it’s paradise.

So, what are your sources of happiness? Where do you sit on the scale? I’d be delighted to know.


7 responses to “OK, I’m 65.2% happy. That’s not so bad, is it?

  1. Apart from lying about where I lived…it didn’t have Costa Rica…I answered as best I could and came out at 78.5…which is a mystery to me as I really am rather a miserable old moo.

    My sources of happiness…my husband, the dog, friends, the garden, books, music, cricket, rugby and having enough money not to have to be scratching around to make a living or to make ends meet.

  2. My word! I took the quiz and for some reason, I’m deliriously happy! How the heck did that happen??? Well, I am feeling pretty good. Just home from work and it is an extra long weekend. I don’t have family staying or a humungous Easter dinner to cook. All good. My bod is feeling good so I may have erred a bit on the positive as for health – so sue me. Shucks. I guess I’m just a happy camper! Despite being “deficient” in a few areas, I somehow came out almost on top. Weird. But yes, agree with all you said, Ian. I don’t know who to thank for not being plopped in some “shithole, wartorn country” but I wasn’t, and I am eternally grateful.

  3. I scored 87.3, which is apparently pretty happy. But I scored “somewhat low” in some very surprising categories, including integrity, judgment, capacity for adjustment, and love! So basically, I seem to be a happy yet misanthropic liar with poor judgment and an inability to accept change. Cool, hey???

  4. I scored 82.6, so I’m above average. Of course there were no questions about how I like snow at the end of April. Had there been I would’ve flunked the test.

    @ Pinklea: WOOT!!!

  5. Well, considering the scores of some of you, and especially my two ‘sisters’, then I can only be ashamed of my curmudgeonly showing and I’ll just have to try again. Maybe I was just in a pissy mood when I did the test. Yeah, that’s it. Today I’d score 94.

  6. I went through the entire test but it wouldn’t give me a result because I don’t live in Canada. I didn’t bother to lie. Buttheads. They just added to my unhappiness quotient.

  7. Or France or Belgium. Still annoyed.

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