What could be more reverential than an Eastertime mini-rant?

First off I have to get a gripe off my chest. All over so-called ‘Christendom’ (now there’s a descriptor you don’t hear a lot these days thanks to the forces of PC who maintain only ‘other culture’ festivals are worthy of commemoration, but never Christian ones) the tendency in recent years has been to mark the Christmas season with Handel’s magnificent Messiah.

Oh, and about the ‘Christendom’ point, I wrote that as the bloody heathen that I probably am, but fair is fair and I don’t think that those who prescribe to Christianity are necessarily treated fairly in these days of so-called ‘inclusivity’.

But, back to my original point, the Messiah. Each Christmas season churches and concert halls are filled with people ‘Hallelujah-ing’ all over the place. But, my nitpick herein revolves around the fact that Herr Handel composed it to commemorate Easter and the resurrection of Christ, not the Christmas birth. And that’s about all I have to say about that in a world of icky Kardashians and other vile nonentities. Hey, maybe Sheen could work that factoid into one of his substance and paranoia-fueled stupid rants.

I love hearing undertalented zillionaires whining about how hard done by they are when other, actually decent folks are losing their homes.

Off subject again.

This is about Easter. In our house when I was growing up Easter was sort of a ‘Christmas Lite’. You know, you didn’t get really good stuff. Just chocolate eggs and a little purple and yellow ersatz straw filled basked that also contained multicolored chicks. Not much to do with the chicks, so my brother and I usually had them fight until their little beaks got knocked off and their eyes fell out. Then we ate the chocolate.

Some years, if my mother was prepared to put up with the mess, we colored hard-boiled eggs. That was kind of cool. And then I got to have stinky HB eggs for school lunch for the next two weeks, as did most other kids.

Other than that, nothing much else happened. Oh yeah, we were ‘made’ to go to church on Easter Sunday. Even my old man was. My mother insisted we understood the ‘true’ meaning of Easter. I think ‘true’ was used a bit advisedly. I would merrily point out that bit of information to my mother.

And that’s about all I have to say about Easter other than I hope you are having the one you wanted.



12 responses to “What could be more reverential than an Eastertime mini-rant?

  1. You know, Easter is supposed to be the BIG Christian “holiday”, not Christmas, the resurrection being the main point and all. In secular terms, it also seems that Santa Claus is far more popular than the Easter bunny. Chocolate for all, and at all times, I say! Happy Easter, bro!

  2. I love this post! Why don’t Christians (I’m one of them) perform Handel’s Messiah on Easter?? Hmmmm.

    Happy Easter, my dear friend!

  3. Deb and Sister Pink: Wonderful Easter to you both. And Pinklea, yes Easter is supposed to be the Christian biggie. And let’s start a drive to have the Messiah at Easter exclusively. Handel would have liked that. Interesting factoids about the Messiah. The libretto was written in English, not a translation. And it was first performed in Dublin.

  4. There’s been scandalous amounts of chocolate consumed in this house today, and we’re all lying about now with horrible tummy aches, so yes, thank you, Easter has gone exactly as planned. I hope your’s has been equally sweet. 🙂

  5. Sheen seems to think that he is the Messiah. Now there’s a guy who just begs to be misHandeled.

  6. Some how chocolate always tastes better at easter though. Maybe because it fills me with memories of eater egg hunts around the farm house when I was very small, or later Dad saying I could have my egg early if I split it with him, then the easter sunday run to a petrol station for a half priced one that we would also share. I like easter better than christmas because I have such personal family traditions with it. We are atheist so there was never any pesky church stuff to worry about. 😉

  7. We went to Church yesterday. I always insist on it for Christmas and Easter. It kind of allows me to immerse myself in the commercialisation of it all if I partake in the religious side. I quite liked it actually – I always do. Maybe I should go to Church more often…
    Anyway, much chocolate was consumed afterwards and this morning I’ve got a little Buddha tummy – probably not appropriate the day after Easter.
    Happy Easter to you, lovely x

  8. being the ungodly little heathen that I am, I’m more likely to worship candy than anything else. Oh well.

  9. They don’t do the Messiah at Easter because they tend to go with Verdi’s requiem – which is an awesome piece of work.

    Do I care? Nope, being a heathen too. What really annoys me about Easter is getting chocolate bunnies from Mr. Jazz’s aunt. I’m 50. Enough with the crappy chocolate bunnies I’ll simply throw into the garbage.

    • Jazz,

      That’s so funny. I remember an aunt who used to send me £1 each Christmas, which was nice when I was 9 or so; she continued until I was about 30 or so by which time I was working in Fleet Street. Yes, it’s the thought that counts, of course, but. If I forgot to write a fulsome letter of thanks for my £1 there was hell to pay!

  10. Rant away, mon ami!

  11. So, the vote seems to be fully in favor of surfeits of chocolate at Easter. What could be holier than that? After all, God created chocolate. So, thank you all for your Easter comments. And Selina, I bet your little chocolate infused Buddha tummy is adorable.

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