It’s a dog’s life here in the ‘hood

Cats are usually solitary creatures and sometimes, in the eyes of those who don’t care for them, sinister and vicious critters.

But, I’m not about to assail cats. I quite like them and have owned a number over the years. They can be good company provided one respects their terms of the engagement.

But, as I said, they are solitary. Cats don’t hang out normally with other cats. They are wary of and often despise the presence of another, especially alien feline within their presence.

Dogs, on the other hand are cavalier gregarious fellows and party loudmouths. While dogs may love their masters and mistresses, what they really revel in is the company of other dogs. I’ve concluded, in fact, that canine interaction is the one that genuinely counts in the world of dogdom. Ride along in the car with you dog and he’ll dispassionately regard the human world out there. But, let his eye catch another dog and his entire dynamic changes.

Max sits at the front window and periodically a plaintive whine will be emitted from him. He has recognized one of the dogs in the park across the street. If he doesn’t know the dog, or doesn’t particularly care about it, no whine. But, if it should be one of his pals he’s disconsolate until he is taken across for a social engagement.

Max is a particularly engaging dog and in that I am pleased because via his social conduit we have gotten to know a lot of other dogs in the area as well as their owners. Pups break the social ice very effectively.

So, what I am about to do is introduce you to some of the dogs of our ken and, by default, their owners:

–         Abby: Abby is a female Rottweiler/Newfoundland cross and Max is rapturously in love with her. He also likes Andy, her master, but mainly it’s all about Abby. And Abby has a sweet disposition to match Max’s. They wrestle and play and Abby (big dog) throws Max down and he loves it. Just like a guy will let the girl he’s sweet on get away with all sorts of things that wouldn’t be permitted of another.

–         Cola: Mid-size black Cola is Max’s ‘bromance’. Both males but they love each other almost disconcertingly. Marianne (pictured with Cola), Cola’s charming owner, was the first to notice that our two ‘boy’ dogs were sort of French kissing. Well, it was a matter of ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’ I guess. If Max has both Abby and Cola in his life then he has all he wants.

–         Ben: Ben is a little poodle/shih tzu cross who is just a charming little guy, much as his master, Hans, a wily and witty Dane matches Ben in personality. Max disregards Ben. Ben is a little dog, and Max doesn’t really understand little dogs or why they even exist. Ben doesn’t care. He is fastidious about avoiding being stepped on. He’s mainly there for the puppy treats. However, even in that he is eccentric, mainly seeking treats only every ‘other’ day. And, when he wants to leave, he simply walks away.

–         Jake: Big black Jake is an often-taciturn dog that isn’t much on playing. Indeed horseplay seems to confuse him. According to owner, Kelly Jake, at age eight, has always been that way but is actually becoming a little more interactive in recent months. Max likes Jake just fine, but tends to ignore him within minutes of an encounter. Wendy refers to Jake as “the accountant dog” due to his sometimes-serious disposition.

–         Zoë and Calla: Zoë is an amalgam of about 35 breeds (it seems). Not a beautiful but very friendly larger dog that is an inveterate scrounge. She can spot a treat a half-mile away and is unrelenting in her pursuit of said treat. Calla, her stablemate is an intensively focused Pitbull/Cattle Dog cross who is quite charming with people but is never to be trusted with other dogs. Originally acquired by owner, veterinarian Chris’s son. Son has gone off to art school, so Chris is stuck with Calla. Max thoroughly ignores Calla and Zoë but loves Chris because Chris is always ‘holding.’

–         Misty: Belongs to a woman we only know as ‘Towel Lady’ because we once watched her walk up to the bus stop with a whole pile of spa-type towels over her arm. We shall have to introduce ourselves properly. Anyway, Misty is a little mite of an indeterminate breed that loves Max like mad.

There are plenty more in our adjoining dog park, but this gives you an idea.


2 responses to “It’s a dog’s life here in the ‘hood

  1. Brilliant, I loved the way you descibed each one. I am proud to be one of the participates in the park play. When I mention “park” to Cola he leaps from where ever he was and is at the door barking. No wonder! He never knows which one of his park friends he may meet, always a surprise! And we come home tired, ready for a nap.

  2. Dare not let the dog see this…he will feel deprived.

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