The conspiracy folks warned you but you just wouldn’t listen

I like to think it all started with Hitler. Conspiracy theories, that is. After the end of World War Two there were innumerable sightings of old Adolf. Usually in South America where he would have been espied sitting in a Buenos Aires sidewalk café with Martin Bormann sipping a mate.

Actually, it goes back much earlier than that considering the sightings of figures as diverse as Jesus to the little English princes that were allegedly murdered in the Tower by Richard III.

The point is, there is a certain element of humanity that persists in believing that what is reported by officialdom has to be — because it is reported by agenda-driven officialdom – agenda-driven bullshit meant to quell the masses into some sort of compliance with what they are fed.

I am, you may have gathered from what I have already written, not a believer in conspiracies. I’m not a sap, either, and I do know that governments, especially in times of conflict, tend to color the truth for propaganda reasons. Sometimes this is, in fact, a good thing because it keeps up morale. Sometimes it’s a bad thing, designed to feed somebody’s political agenda. I am nobody’s dupe, but when evidence is obvious I’m prepared to go along with it what is apparent.

So, I do believe that those tragic commercial jets crashed into the Twin Towers back in 2001, rather than seeing it is some Bush engineered ‘implosion’ designed to justify whatever he needed justifying. You may have thought ‘W’ was a shithead but I don’t think he would have wiped out a few thousand people just to look like a hero.

I do believe that President Obama was born in the United States. In most countries it wouldn’t have mattered if he had been born in Kenya, as the conspiracy bigots maintain, but it does matter in the US because the Constitution states that a president has to have been born in the US of A. Well, Hawaii is just one of those states that qualifies, even though a lot of fine and decent Hawaiian independence advocates wish it didn’t.

I do believe that a team of Navy Seals wiped out international fuckpig Osama Bin Laden and all I can say is, good for them. He is dead-dead-dead, just like Saddam Hussein is.

But, conspiracy-theorists are an interesting breed of cat. They cross the political spectrum from loony lefties who blame all of the world’s grief on greedy capitalists; to greenies who blame all of the world’s grief on perceptions of global warming and the greed of (again) filthy capitalists; to loony right-winger survivalist sorts who see Big Brother government around every corner sapping our “precious bodily fluids” like the evildoers in Dr. Strangelove, to even more right-wing and wacky religious fundamentalists who believe the end is nigh (this weekend, I believe) and hedonistic nations are behind it all. When ‘Jee-zus’ comes (as he will) all will be put right and we’ll learn the truth about everything especially how rampant homosexuality, fornication, blasphemy and other bits of perceived depravity have brought this all on.

Have a lovely weekend and watch out for locusts and toads.


4 responses to “The conspiracy folks warned you but you just wouldn’t listen

  1. I work retail so I expect lots of toads. See you next week… or not.
    (Another well written post.)

  2. What?! You mean I’m losing a year and a half? I thought the apocalypse was 12/12/12… Had I known I wouldn’t have paid for those damn renos!

  3. I hear you, Jazz. Now I’m wonderng about replacing that damn water heater or if we should just stay dirty until the apocalypse? Do you think God would mind if we’re a bit funky?

  4. But I rather like toads. Locusts, not so much. I am obviously not Rapture material, but then we always knew that, didn’t we?

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