Just to mention that I’m still away but still love you

So, here I am with Mr. Max on the beautiful beach at Bandon, Oregon on one of the very, very, very few sunny days we’ve had on this sojourn. It has been mainly wet, cold and a bit disappointing, weatherwise that is.

We are currently in the tiny hamlet of Fort Klamath up near Crater Lake in southern Oregon. We’re staying at  lovely little resort on a pristinely clear tiny river. But, it’s bloody cold, in the high 40s is all. And, Fort K. sits at 4100 feet so I am feeling headachy from the altitude and looking at a June 1 forecast that is calling for snow flurries this evening. Shit, it’s late spring! On the other hand, we could be in Joplin MO, so I am thankful that all I’m dealing with is the chill in the air.

Anyway, just wanted to let you all know I am still around and still love my people in this realm. Be back in about a week. As chilly as it has been, I needed this vacation. Had some ‘frayedness’ (is that a word?) to dispel. Not entirely sue if I’ve done that, but you know what they say about change and rest.

See you again soon.


8 responses to “Just to mention that I’m still away but still love you

  1. You and Max look very relaxed. The landscape is beautiful. It’s nice to know you still love us. 🙂 Have a fantastic time on your trip. Looking forward to hearing more about Oregon.

  2. Oh look! What a hansome fellow! It’s the ever entertaining and wonderfully clever Maximilian D. Lidster.

    Oh, um.. yes, hello to you too Ian!

    (Do you still love me now?) 😉

  3. Having experienced a bit of frayedness myself, you’re damn right it’s a word.

    Don’t forget to come back now!


  4. Frayedness.
    Now I have a word for it.
    Thanks, Ian.

  5. Frayedness is best dealt with in a land far, far, away.
    Y’all come back, though, y’hear

  6. Sorry about the chill in the air! Here at home there is actually a lot of warmth, you either stand in the sun when it is out, or you crawl back under the covers. Simple! And there is a lot of warmth in my heart for all my friends.

  7. Great photo of two great guys…get unfreyed.

  8. I so know what you mean about frayedness – it’s definitely a word now. Unwind well but come back soon !

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