OK, boys. Isn’t it time to get off the rink and into a swimsuit?




Is it over yet? The hockey stuff, I mean. No, I know it’s not. It may be over after tonight Or, it may not.

I only say this because I am really, really, really tired of hockey. I am weary of people with otherwise respectable civilian jobs going around sporting Canuck jerseys. I sit having a coffee in a favorite bistro this morning and I can hear the good ole boys near the back of the room – where they always sit – speaking animatedly. I know they’re talking about hockey; about the Canuck’s chances tonight. 

Some of the fans go a bit certifiably nuts. What’s that all about? I mean, I can see rooting for the home team and all, but tearing the town apart, engaging in brawls, females stripping off outer garments (not too much of that around here, but maybe there should be more. Better than brawling, after all). But, whence the impulse to light fires, punch out others, and bare the tits? I don’t entirely get it. I likely never will.

Fortunately most are simply avid fans rather than goons and/or exhibitionists.

In saying this I don’t mean to leave the impression that I don’t wish the so-called ‘home team’ good fortune in this evening’s Beantown confrontation. If they win, then good for them. I’ll be happy, too. If they lose though why do I, in the total scheme of things, really care? In truth I suspect it will make very little difference in my life one way or the other. Now, winning the lottery, that’d make a difference in my life. I have my priorities in place.

When the citizenry was growing restless in the days of the Roman Empire, governments of the day would mount shows for them. “Bread and circuses” they were called. Keep the rabble from thinking about how screwed society is by offering them entertainments, lots of entertainments. Entertainments that often involved a lot of violence down at the old Coliseum.

I am not saying a hockey game is the equivalent of the mayhem and blood of Il Colisseo. Well, not all the time it isn’t. But the impulse seems to be chillingly similar. Diversion removes us from reality.

You might think I am cynical about this, but I’m not. Diversion is indeed a mentally-healthy way of getting through the crap of life. And if your diversion involves reading a book, watching TV, going to a movie, listening to some music or a rollicking bit of rumpy-pumpy, or a hockey game, then go for it.

No, I am not cynical about it at all. I’m just tired of it.

I want it to be over, I do.


4 responses to “OK, boys. Isn’t it time to get off the rink and into a swimsuit?

  1. I have often thought professional sports are indeed the modern answer to the lions and the Colissium. Nice to hear it put so much more eloquently!
    With millions starving and dying of unspeakable diseases, our advanced society continues to see fit to throw away millions on player salaries, no to mention tickets to over-priced games.
    And in the long run, what difference does it make to our lives. What a difference it could make in millions of less-fortunate lives.

  2. Ian, I think you are looking at this the wrong way.Forty, fifty and sixty years ago, everyone watched the same TV shows and all had something to make small talk about. Call it a community connectivity. Now with 500 stations, videos and internet, fewer people are spending time sharing activities. When a local sports team is doing sometihng big, like the Dallas Mavericks did on Sunday, it brings people together. It’s a shame that you do not feel like a part of the community cheering section. At least that’s my take on it. But I always did like sociology.

  3. Well, despite Vancouver being canadian, I really think that Boston deserves to win. But then that isn’t the point of your post.

    Thing is, despite the millions of dollars wasted (as mentioned in Jane’s comment) we won’t ever become all altruistic and spend it on the poor and needy. Because we never have and never will. The human beast is such that it’s everyone for him/herself – always has been, always will be.

  4. PS: I am cynical about it, both hockey and society. Yep…

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