I won! I won! Well, not the lottery, but this is nice, too

A meme! Haven’t had one of those cross my blog world realm in a while. And a meme combined with an award. Really haven’t had one of those in even a longer time. I thought you all no longer loved me and were leaving me to feel petulant and out-of-sorts.

However, I have been awarded The Versatile Blogger award by no one less than my dear old friend Leesa, who has recently returned to the Blogosphere, much to my delight. I missed her during her hiatus. Now, the striking Miss Leesa is smart, witty, and writes a fine, honest and thought-provoking blog. So, I feel highly honored that she holds me in good regard. Please pay her a call.

Now, my job is, aside from publicly thanking Miss Leesa and establishing a link, is to tell you 7 things about me that I might not have already divulged. I then have to present the award to some bloggers of my choice. The only hard part about that criterion is narrowing the thing down to a small number. However, I shall persevere and do so.

OK, my previously undivulged seven:

  1. A friend in university once bet me $10 that I couldn’t strike up an acquaintance with a female who was a complete stranger and succeed in dating her. I took the bet and (ahem) I won. I positioned myself at a table directly across from a young woman whom I found attractive and who looked like the sort of individual with whom I’d like to strike up an unsolicited conversation. Within half an hour we had exchanged vague pleasantries. Within an hour she yawned and stretched and said she was going out for a cigarette. I asked if I might join her. I did. I asked her what her name was. She gave it to me. It was the same surname as my next door neighbor. The gods were smiling on me. Turned out he was her first cousin. Perfect. We went for coffee. And we went out once. It was nice. No great romance but we were friends from that point on. My friend was pissed and out $10.
  2. I absolutely love to fish, but cannot do it. I have dreams about fishing for trout in a rushing river or snagging a salmon on the high seas. I used to do it and I loved it. Now I no longer can. I cannot mainly because I cannot kill. It’s too monumental an act for me. Not that I’m a wimp, because I’m not. And not that I don’t make exceptions if I must, and not that I don’t believe that animal culls are necessary at times, just don’t ask me to carry out the act. It is not within me to take the life of anything – except the odd harassing wasp (I’m not a complete idiot), and earwigs, mainly because they make my skin crawl and crawling skin trumps compassion. PS: I do eat fish.
  3. If we are going somewhere I map out in my mind where the restrooms are. Once you get to a certain age, and if you consume coffee (as do I) it is a prudent thing to do in order to avoid discomfort or mortifying disaster. As a wise person once said: “Never pass up an opportunity to pee.” I guess I am not alone considering the proliferation of TV ads for ‘urgent bladder’ products.
  4. I have 270 ‘friends’ on Facebook. I know I don’t have 270 friends in the world, but it’s fun, nonetheless. I also have nearly 30 friends in common with one dear friend. We have pondered why we happen to know virtually all the same people. Dunno. Anyway, people decry FB, but I still find it fun.
  5. When I was about 20 I had sex with my dad’s cousin’s wife. She was a mid-40s lady. It was at a party and we’d both had too much to drink. It was nice, even in retrospect. Never saw her again. Years later my father asked me: “Did you once have sex with (name withheld)?” I have no idea how he knew and I was a bit mortified, but I answered in the positive. “Good,” Dad replied. “I always hated my cousin.”
  6. I once stood at a urinal right next to former Canadian Prime Minister, Jean Chretien. We chatted but both kept our eyes straight ahead.
  7. I am a passionate consumer of hotdogs. I think they are “nature’s nearly perfect food.” No, I don’t want to know what goes into them, either. But I love them in all their incarnations. But, and this is important, one must never put ketchup on a dog. Mustard, mayo, relish, sauerkraut, chili, whatever you fancy, but never ketchup. That is blasphemy.

Now, paying it forward I am looking in the direction of the following:

Jazz: – My little soul sister from Montreal whose blog I’ve been following for years. Writes a witty and sometimes even urbane blog. Also has a huge ability to dissect both the funny and bullshit sides of life. A woman after my own heart.

Pinklea: – My other little soul sister, this time from my hometown of Vancouver whom I think is terribly clever and intelligent and often extremely funny in a slice-of-life manner. I like her blog very much and visit regularly.

Pearl: Wonderfully accomplished writer who braves Midwestern winters and offers insights about riding the bus that most of us never considered. She’s also a published writer and if you’ve never visited then you have been missing out.

Dumdad: From the other side of Paris, this erstwhile newspaper scribe and I established a nice bond quite a while ago. He is also a music buff extraordinaire and an insightful and funny guy.

Choochoo: I have not been in her realm for too long, but since coming on board a few months ago I have never regretted my connections with this very funny, and often slightly irreverent individual. If you haven’t paid a call, you should.

Heart in San Francisco: Guilty with an explanation is one of my longest duration blog connections and I cherish it. Susan is a very special person who, despite facing adversity in her life, maintains an outlook that is both passionate and always reasoned. And, mainly I usually agree with her, and that must make her good person, right? Anyway, how could a person who grew up in the Village and now lives in SF not be cool?

So, there you have it. If you haven’t visited the folks mentioned, do yourself a favor. And for those who did not make the cut, believe me it was a difficult decision. I wouldn’t have chosen any of you as blog contacts if I didn’t value what your write.


8 responses to “I won! I won! Well, not the lottery, but this is nice, too

  1. Wow, heady company you’ve put me in here, Big Brother! Thank you – and I shall try very hard to live up to the advance billing. (I suppose that means I’ve got to actually post something soon, then …) 🙂

  2. Well done you, you are indeed versatile 🙂
    Your first confession links perfectly with my choice for this week’s MCW 🙂
    Hotdogs are the devil’s food. Now I like a good British sausage in a bun but those weener things are like eating plastic!
    Never pass up the chance to pee is a solid rule which should be observed on all occasions. You can guarantee if you don’t, you will always end up in a circumstance where you wish that you had 🙂
    Nice selection x

  3. I’m right with you about bathrooms, because I drink beer. And same with hotdogs. I put all sorts of things on hotdogs but never, ketchup. Ketchup is for french fries. As for facebook, whenever my friends number starts to creep close to 100, I go in and delete people. For no particular reason I decided some time back to never have more than 99 “friends.” I’ve only had one person that I deleted try to refriend me. I just ignored it.

  4. Thanks for the award – Can’t help but wonder if there are 7 things I never told about myself on the blog. Hmmm…

    I have about 1 hotdog a year and it has to be served with mustard (the fluorescent vinegary nasty kind) and raw onions. Only way to eat a hotdog.

    Oh, and I’ve always wondered about people who refuse to hunt but have no problem fishing – are fish less worthy of living somehow? And yeah, I eat both fish and meat. I’m a paradox I am

  5. Ketchup on a hotdog? Absolutely wrong. Mustard, onions, perhaps with chili if feeling adventurous, but ketchup??

    And thank you for the award. I shall try to live up to the billing. 🙂


  6. When I walk in a restaurant, I look for the restrooms, but not because I have a small bladder. It is because I think restroom signs can be seen when you enter an establishment, and by the way you get to your seat at the table, the line-of-sight to the bathroom is blocked by architecture, bad lighting or something else.

    The fishing item was surprising – which says something, considering you had a urinal and sex-with-a-cousin story.

  7. Cheers Ian! Thanks for the award. Like Jazz, I’m not sure if I haven’t told all about myself on my blog (or on my old blog) already. I’ll have me a thinks.

  8. Thank you so much, Ian! I am flattered. And while I am a vegetarian and also health-minded enough not to have hot dogs on my menu, ever, you are absolutely right about ketchup and mustard. Of course, when I ate meat as a child, I also put mustard on hamburgers because I dislike ketchup, and let’s not even think of mayonnaise on anything.

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