Come on in and set a spell, folks. Just don’t stay too long

See the newspapers pandering to the colonial remnants in this silly country re the visitation of the mini-royals – Fawn-fawn-fawn.

For heaven’s sake, despite the fact the pretty twosome is remarkably uninteresting, they aren’t even visiting British Columbia, but to judge by the way ‘our’ daily newspapers are cluttering their front pages with pictures of Will ‘n Kate (pardon me, ‘Catherine’) visiting Moose Groin Alberta or some other spot, you’d think we were being anointed by default.

Why on earth do our news services think we should care so much about a guy who is still once removed from actually attaining the throne – unless his dreary and over-opinionated father stands aside in lieu – and his pretty Anne o’ Green Gables lovin’ new missus?

Will seems a nice sort of chap who was born into a world of exceeding privilege and while one cannot help but be sorry about his Mum, otherwise he hasn’t yet contributed much to the general weal of a fraught world. Maybe he will. And Kate/Catherine is a pretty girl with great dimples, a fine smile, though albeit she’s a bit on the skinny side. She dresses nice, though. She can afford to.

Anyway, they’re here on another of those tiresome royal tours just to let those Canadians who still feel some sort of tie with a foreign crown is a good thing – that they like us, really like us. At least Will’s Mum had the honesty to actually be caught on camera yawning when she was forced through the ordeal.

I mean, if their monarchist acolytes really cared about these kids they’d let them drop in for tea one afternoon and then let them go back to their own beds in Blighty.

In all of this I feel (judging by the revolting media coverage of a what is to me a non-event that I am something of an anomaly. I mean, I care so little that I’d have to gird my loins to even show disinterest in it all. Is Canada still such a backwater in terms of our own integrity and identity as a nation that we have to suck up to foreigners in this smarmy manner?

Yes, I know there is a constitutional tie and there is a history here. But, considering we proved our worth in two world wars, I think it’s maybe time we looked at what we have done for ourselves, and that’s a hell of a lot more than the Brits did for our boys at Passchendaele in World War One or Dieppe in the next conflict. We are capable of standing on our own feet, so why don’t we?

Now, Will and Grace (Kate/Catherine) are no doubt very nice young people and I think we should welcome them graciously as ‘foreign’ guests, much in the manner we would treat the Obamas or King and Queen of Spain.

I was raised in a very Anglo-Saxon home and the ‘wonderfulness’ of the glory days of Empah was pumped into me at an early stage. I am also a committed anglophile; loved the year I lived in England and have loved my many trips there. I still think that London is the greatest big city in the world. I feel a definite kinship with that aspect of a heritage of which I am proud. But, it’s still a foreign country, as are the United States or France.

That stated, the royals are, in my esteem, absolutely nothing to do with me in my loyalty to my own ‘independent’ country and I would love to see the day that we shuck that last colonial tie. Quite frankly, I find it a bit embarrassing, sort of like the middle-aged guy who still lives with Mom and Dad.

It invariably surprises me that more Canadians don’t think in a similar way.




2 responses to “Come on in and set a spell, folks. Just don’t stay too long

  1. When the hell are we going to declare ourselves a republic and call it a day?

  2. He seems like a good kid. And she’s pretty. It’s kind of funny that they are coming to the U.S. just days after we have celebrated our independence from them. Apparently people are willing to stand around for hours to catch a glimpse of them in Canada and the U.S. but then they also do that for Justin Beiber and Lady Gaga so it really doesn’t mean too much. I guess it says more about the people who like to gather in crowds to look at people.

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