Were those ‘wascally wabbits’ really up to no good?

In the lovely southern Oregon coastal town of Bandon there is a highly inviting quayside area of a sort that genuinely qualifies as a ‘people place’ and includes benches, public potties (to be cherished after morning coffee), access to the marina in a little harbor that leads past an antique lighthouse and out to the open Pacific.

As I said, it is a ‘people place’ and I commend the Bandon decision-makers for inviting the public to be part of it. My own town could take an example from the place.

One thing we noticed was an extensive display of what looked like kiddie art devoted to an Easter theme. It had obviously been on display for a while considering we were there early in June. Anyway, Easter kid art. What can you say? Lots of bunnies and eggs and variations on a ‘Bugs’ theme in which the wascally wabbit could be found in many incarnations.

Some of the art was juvenile (what else?) and relatively cliché, but other examples were quite inspired and a few were highly amusing. Ultimately it became obvious that the project was devoted exclusively to the renderings of kids.

And then I found a particular favorite in my perusal. It appealed to my senses of both whimsy and irreverence. Obviously this little diorama was created by either an adult or a remarkably creative (and slightly dirty-minded) kid.

Anyway, as the photo illustrates, this was a creation designed to tell a tale of something. In it you have a Star Wars storm trooper pointing his lethal weapon at two quivering bunnies of possibly an Easter sort. He is being watched by a bare-boobed and blue pantied Barbie who seems so distressed by the scene that her pretty dress has fallen down and is exposing the cute private bits. This raises questions and I pose the questions to you, too.

What is going on here?

–         Is the storm trooper protecting the fair maiden from the hideous and carnivorous intergalactic versions of the garden variety Oryctolagus cuniculus?

–         Is she a lover of rabbits and thinks her bared tits might divert the attention of the evil storm trooper from his nefarious task?

–         Was she just so scared about it all that her upper garment just darn well fell off?

–         Did the wicked and randy bunnies talk the girl into doffing her upper garment, causing the the storm trooper in a fit of moral outrage, to  decide to expedite them?

Please let me know what you think.


2 responses to “Were those ‘wascally wabbits’ really up to no good?

  1. Obviously the first possibility. Except that the story goes on. The Storm Trooper blasts the evil bunnies all to hell, and Barbie thrilled at being saved, proceeds to doff those pretty blue panties and reward her white knight for her rescue. I shall not go into details.

  2. I think the storm trooper is Barbie’s husband and she has said he won’t get his conjugals until he has prepared supper. Rabbit stew to be precise. Or he could just be a psycho and she’s a slag.

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