The state of the ‘Max’ in the summer of 2011

Max is confused. He thinks the rocks off this Oregon beach might be Japan but isn’t sure.

Max has now been an integral part of our lives for one year and ten months and we haven’t regretted a single day of his company. Since we picked him up from the shelter he has been a vital member of the family and our regard for him grows almost constantly.

Max (AKA Maximilian von Dog, Maximum Bob, or ‘Maxipad’ as the young woman who works at our pet food store refers to him) is a handsome, charming and extremely affectionate dog with all the quirks that make a dog be a dog.

His second favorite place in the world is an outdoor table at Espresso Lane, a local coffee joint. There he holds court and greets all who come by — especially his ‘ladies’ (while he is fond of me, he especially adores females). This is a small cortege of older women who pamper him senseless.

Next is the staff of Bosley’s Pet Food, and more females there to pamper him and leave him reminiscent of a Turkish sultan (despite the fact that his ‘altering’ has rendered him more along the lines of a harem eunuch.) such is their fawning and caressing. I should be so lucky. But (and this is hard for me to write or accept), Max is a little cuter than I am.

Otherwise, he doesn’t do a lot of dog stuff. He absolutely refuses to retrieve anything at all. Balls and sticks are wasted on him.

He likes other dogs and doesn’t have any sort of an aggressive streak. At the same time, he’s an ‘alpha’ and unwise would be the dog that would piss with him. I have heard the snarl and seen the bared canines if another dog tries to get uppity. And then it’s all forgotten with no fight ensuing.

He loves the water and cherishes swimming and doesn’t have that obnoxious and painful habit of clawing at the human swimmer when he’s in the water.

He’s slim and healthy looking and sheds unbelievably. We can brush him and dislodge sufficient fur to make a littler of puppies.

We have no idea what his breed is. We don’t really care very much.

Point is, he is a rescue dog, and if you are toying with getting a canine please check out your local shelter. There just might be a ‘Max’ there waiting for you and it might prove to be the finest decision you ever made if you should take a Max home like we did.


6 responses to “The state of the ‘Max’ in the summer of 2011

  1. If you can find a way to clone Maxwell K. Nine from all that hair, I’d take a puppy please.

  2. You just made me cry a little… {sniffle…}

  3. There’s nothing quite like pet love, is there?

  4. Max seems like a really wonderful fella. I’m not a dog person but Max looks like a dog I would like. I’m glad you guys get along so well.

  5. Agree. Take a rescue dog and do your bit to close down the puppy mills.

    Take a look at this link
    if you have strong stomach

    And rescue a poor bloody animal.

  6. I remember when you first adopted Max. He is a goreous looking dog, and it is lovely to think he has such a lovely loving home.

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