A love song to redheads all, and special wishes to Lucy

— “You’d find it easier to be bad than good if you had red hair,” said Anne reproachfully. “People who haven’t red hair don’t know what trouble is.”
(by character Anne Shirley speaking to her guardian Marilla in book ‘Anne of Green Gables’)

I was once married to a redhead and yes, before you ask, if you are unfamiliar with the naturally auburn or ginger of follicular hue, yes it’s true what they way about ‘real’ redheads. Nuff sed.

Lucille Ball wasn’t a real redhead but colored her trademark locks with a specially imported Egyptian henna. I only mention Miss Ball because she was kind of an inspiration for this blog, mainly because it is her 100th birthday about now. Since I spent a bit of my childhood in the black-and-white company of Lucy and Ricky, I find it difficult to comprehend that she has passed her centenary mark. That would have to mean I’m a lot older than I usually like to think I am.

Even though this might seem like blasphemy to some, I must confess I was never really a ‘Lucy’ fan. I think she was an immensely talented woman and obviously supremely intelligent and pathologically hard-working, but in the comedy realm I just never found her all that funny.

But, the point of this all is ‘redheads’ and the fact that the roseate of hair are once again fashionable and nasty baiting of ‘gingers’ in the UK notwithstanding, it has become de rigueur of late to go red. For women, that is. But, definitely not so much for men.

It has been said that redheaded men cannot be trusted; that there is something devious about them; something ‘David Caruso-ish’ about them. The never understated Chelsea Handler basically captured the sentiment thusly:

“Along with the 97 percent of women who can see, I have never been a fan of redheaded men.”

Sorry redheaded dudes that might read this. Nothing personal.

With women, however, even the possible deviousness can work and males remain enticed.

That works fine for me because I have always found redheads appealing. Aside from my aforementioned first wife – and it was her lovely long auburn tresses that first attracted me to her – I have known some other redheads and have never been disappointed by their presence in my life.

My second wife once put red in her lovely chestnut hair and it so enchanted and enticed me that I found it difficult to leave her alone. Part of her motivation I’ve always hoped.

And, there have been others who have traded on Titian tresses ranging from carrot-top to auburn to strawberry blonde. Such devastatingly attractive females as Rita Hayworth, every- mature- man- who- should- know- better’s teen fantasy figure, Molly Ringwald, fetishistic Christina Hendricks, Blake Lively, Julienne Moore and many others. While redheads comprise only two percent of the female population, they always attract, which is why there is a lively hair coloration trade.

So, if this is the year of the redhead, then here’s to you roseate ladies, and happy 100th to you, Lucy.


7 responses to “A love song to redheads all, and special wishes to Lucy

  1. From ‘your’ Redhead, I say thank you for the prose; and from my ‘natural’ and adopted sisters, thanks as well. We do our best to entice, we really do like the attention, and we are not at all nearly so dangerous as you might think – or are we?

  2. Sisters of Titian hue as well, dear Crickett? Be still my beating heart. Thank you, dear friend, for coming by.

  3. My friend Mary is a redhead.

    She’s very handy in a fight. 🙂


  4. Does Mary carry a switchblade? Just wondering. My redhead ex used to throw dishes.

  5. Years ago, I tried very hard to add red to my dark brown hair several times, but alas, it just didn’t take the way I’d hoped. And now, Porsche Guy shares your fascination for redheads, so perhaps I will try again one of these days, just to spice things up … if ever we’re bored of each other, I mean.

  6. I too was never a big Lucy fan although her production company produced some of my very favorite shoes.
    Thanks for your homage to redheads. Although I was not born this way, I have been a redhead for 28 of my 50 years and have enjoyed every second. And as always, I must take exception to part of this post: I love redheaded men. My high school botfriend was a redhead. (I also love Damian Lewis.) I always thought it might have been because I loved Archie in the Archie comics, but who knows?

  7. Why would red headed men be less trustworthy? I mean, I know they aren’t but how do these stories start I wonder. I was a redhead for most of the time I dyed my hair. I love red hair… A true redheaded woman with her almost translucent skin. Damn, it’s almost enough to make me consider switching teams.

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