Compared with modern despots old Louis XVI was a decent guy

I simply have a few burning matters buzzing around in my head that darn well need addressing. So, consider this blog item a basic mélange of my fractured thoughts about a few things.

Be forewarned, the musings of Ian aren’t always – aren’t always – well, aren’t always even connected in any particular manner.  Non sequiturs would be the best description of the workings of my fevered musings.

Now that you know how it works, we shall ponder my current stream-of-consciousness. But, please be appreciative of the fact that most of these came to me in a state of insomnia early this morning when I was trying to slow down my thoughts, but it wasn’t really working.

Witness the topics that follow, if you will:

–         Monkeys: Don’t care much for monkeys or any other members of their poop-chucking, noisy, nasty disposition simian clan. I make an exception for gorillas, which I think are magnificent and much too threatened by assholes like us. I think part of my problem with the ape family and related species is that they are much too like us with their little hands and all. They make my skin crawl just a little bit.

–         Royalty suckholes in Canada: This truly exasperates me and my blood nearly reached a boil when I read how our %$#&* federal (or is that ‘feudal’?) government has decided there are no issues in the country that really need addressing other than sticking the term ‘Royal’ back (at huge expense) with the designations for our armed forces branches. I think this is the hangover of the ‘Will and Grace’ tour we had a while ago when I found myself cringing with embarrassment at the obsequiousness of certain Canadians caused by the presence of a couple of pampered foreign kids.

–         I don’t think there is any excuse, ever again, to describe any disaster (or even disruption of anything) as a “perfect storm”. Cut it out, already. The movie wasn’t even that good.

–         I’m feeling kind of bad for Louis XVI: I just read an account of his last days after he and Marie Antoinette were arrested and held prisoner by a bunch of not only ragtag commoners, but ‘French’ ragtag commoners. That must have been disquieting for the once powerful king. I mean, he wasn’t really such a bad guy. He wasn’t a drunk, he didn’t seek congress with whores and Mme. De Pompadours like his predecessors. Sure, he was a bit despotic, but only a ‘little’ bit despotic. Compared to latter day despots old Louis was a pussycat. And, he was actually faithful to his wife; a rare behavior in such circles. Furthermore, he remained brave until the end when he was not only unceremoniously marched to the guillotine and then the drum roll even drowned out his last speech. Sucked to be Louis for sure.

–         One of the most obnoxiously self-indulgent songs ever to be composed is the execrable My Way. The fact it was written by Paul Anka renders it doubly repulsive.

–         I have a schoolboy crush on ‘Penny’ from Big Bang Theory. I also think BBT is one of the few genuinely funny sitcoms on the wasteland of contemporary TV.

–         Why isn’t there a ‘dislike’ category on Facebook postings? Sometimes a person will post an item that is unfortunate or even disastrous and some moron(s) will hit the ‘like’ slot just to indicate that they’ve read it. If you are concerned for your friend then at least have the energy and decency to write a brief comment.

–         What’s with this very boring Ashton Kutcher guy being in anything? He’s to replace Charlie Sheen, I hear. At least old Charlie was – depraved addict that he might be – both a bit interesting and mildly talented.

–         I miss the golden age of magazines. In the day I could go to a newsstand and browse for ages and finally emerge with at least a half dozen periodicals to peruse at home. Even Time and Newsweek and substance and demanded a bit of reading that wasn’t insulting to the reader. And there was Saturday Review, and Saturday Night, and National Lampoon, and a Vanity Fair that wasn’t obsessed with fucking the rich, famous and trite. Oh, and I genuinely miss Dominic Dunne. And Esquire I just find to be weird these days. Used to be a good read, too. We decry (justifiably) the demise of newspapers, but I’d like me mags back.

–         We had the Stanley Cup Riots in Vancouver. Nobody has been arrested, nobody was thrown in the calaboose even briefly. Similar destructive assholes in the UK were thrown in gaol to get them off the streets posthaste and many of the perps have been charged. Law enforcement in the City of Vancouver is pathetic and largely non-existent and the province will do nothing about it despite nonsensical patter from a proving-to-be nonsensical premier.

–         And finally, when a notorious gangster was recently mowed down here in BC the RCMP stated that they hoped to apprehend the perpetrator(s). To hand out medals, I trust.

Now I really need a nap.


7 responses to “Compared with modern despots old Louis XVI was a decent guy

  1. Isn’t it great to get that stuff out of your head? I mean, that stuff is WEIRD. Insomnia does that to a person, I guess. Have a nice nap!

  2. I don’t know recognise half of these people.
    Monkeys -better than some of their close relatives.
    Louis – ditto
    Politicians-pains in the fundament
    Facebook-even moreso
    Royalty- now I need a nap!

    I am a very boring person!

  3. I suppose I’d have little hope of signing you up to Neil Sedaka’s fan club.

  4. Personally I really like monkeys because they’re so like us with their little hands and all. Plus they don’t try to pretend they have brains, like many of us do.

    As for disasters… I wish people would stop already with calling everyting a f**king disaster. Yeah, a watermain collapsed. `That’s a pain in the ass, not a disaster. Get the hell over it.

    • I think the reason you like monkeys is the same reason I don’t like them. They are so much like us and that really creeps me out.

      Yes, ‘disasters’. Outrageously overused and applied to matters trivial always. I, of course, blame all this hyperbole on TV news broadcasts.

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