Some things cannot help but bring a smile

Sometimes in a world fraught with trial, tribulation and angst you run across a scene that just makes everything seem a little more right with the world.

This, taken in downtown Kailua-Kona was just one of those things. Cheered me up greatly. Still does when I ponder the picture. Not the docile canine is also secured with his own little sidecar seatbelt.


10 responses to “Some things cannot help but bring a smile

  1. What are the helmet laws in Hawaii? If they’re mandatory, can’t you just imagine the cute little helmet that dog would have??

  2. There are no helmet laws in Hawaii, and that’s something that is furiously debated in the press. However, I think he’d look adorable in his li’l helmet. He was really just a lovely and benevolent ole dawg.

  3. I didn’t even know there were sidecars for Vespas but it’s much better than running along beside the motorbike on a leash. ;o)

  4. Health and Safety Hawaii style…I love it.

    The dog is slinking off before we get ideas…he’s happy with the entire rear seat of the 4×4….

  5. My neighbor has a dog, Kaluha, who’s ancient – going somwhere with her can take hours, she’s gotten very slow – as a 16 year old lab is wont to do. But she does love going out. So he bought one of those kids “trailers” you hook up on a bike, modified it and now, Princess Kaluha gets driven to the park for her stroll. She seems to love lounging in her trailer on the way to wherever her chauffeur is taking her…

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