Despite a tendency to be a smartass there really are things I’m grateful for

Don’t get me wrong here, I still retain my (charming, I think) curmudgeonly elements.

There are people, places and things that piss me off. I wouldn’t be human if that weren’t the case.

But, on this Canadian-style Thanksgiving I am also prepared to say there are people, places and things for which I have much gratitude. I would never go so far as to say I lead a truly charmed life, and anybody who tells you they do is either a liar or woefully ignorant about life’s realities. But, I am also prepared to say that in the grander scheme of things life does offer elements that make me feel blessed.

They are these:

–         I’m not dead yet. That’s important because I wouldn’t be writing this if I were.

–         I have a nice home in a decent neighborhood that could be noted for it’s dearth of mobsters or stormtroopers.

–         I live in a society that at least tries to be democratic.

–         I have a good wife who is lovely, intelligent, hard-working and one of the best cooks on the planet.

–         Max the Maximum Maxiepad Maximillian Von Dog. He’s wonderful and doesn’t even have to work at it. Quite a skill that. And all Max’s doggy pals, too, like  Jake, Zoey, Frankie, Cola et al, and the entire park gang.

–         I have a nice array of friends; ‘real’ friends, FB friends, Blogger friends (some of whom have become cherished real friends. I get by with a little help from my friends.

–         I have some elements of creativity about me that I cherish because they allow me to escape the humdrum.

–         I also value my personal ‘humdrum’ stuff because it keeps me grounded.

–         I live a sober life. I only mention this because I once didn’t, so I cherish the fact I do.

–         I have a ‘history’. That’s me. Warts and all. Some of my history is even a bit colorful. I can be entertained by thinking about aspects of my history, and I can grimace at others; the ones that make me glad I don’t do that stuff any more.

–         I have some past loves that still make me wistful, but not depressed. I cherished them at the time and always will in my own quirky way.

–         I have suffered some grievous losses but I think handling those losses has enabled me to grow. Maybe that’s what it’s all about.

In any case, those are a few of my elements in my attitude of gratitude. If you wish to share some of yours, please do. I’d love to hear about them.


4 responses to “Despite a tendency to be a smartass there really are things I’m grateful for

  1. 1) I, too, am still alive! All the aches and pains remind me that I can still move.
    2) I have a sweet husband who treasures me, and he can even cook a few things (and does!). I’m also grateful that he likes me as I am!
    3) I ilve in a house again (with potential), -and-
    4) neighbours who are also determined to make this a nice neighbourhood.
    5) I have family still living and talking to me. Yes, I’m grateful.
    6) I have friends without whom the world would be a sadder place; and when they go, I can remember them with gratitude.
    7) I have many hobbies that keep me active and mentally stimulated.
    8) I have reached a more balanced state of mind, less caught up in emotional ups and downs, less easily hurt by a casual word or look, more willing to accept the unchangeable, more willing and able to see the positive, more willing to stand firm where needed…

    Hm. I guess I -do- have a list…

  2. I’m grateful for being able to live the life I choose, with friends to share the good times and ease the darker moments.

  3. Mine quite resemble (does that take one S or two?) yours actually.

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