Ch-ch-ch-changes in my li’l old electronic world


I’ve noticed that people seem to be altering their electronic communication practices. I’m not sure how I feel about that. It’s all causing a few twinges of insecurity within me. I am a creature of habit and comfort, so if I sense a twinge of insecurity it means I want to know what in hell is going on.

Facebook, for example. I’ve noticed that a lot of people have taken to posting and sharing elaborately produced homilies of wisdom, wit, politics and homages to the philosophical musings of Al Einstein, the Dalai Lama – about whom I sometimes think he must appreciate the comment of poet Carl Sandberg who once opined “Even God gets tired of too much hallelujah.”, and assorted other wise and wonderful items including the ubiquitous semi-literate kittens about which I’ll gladly say: I has had enuf of you!

At one time people used to post little personal anecdotes about themselves and their day. “Just finished a great shower, and now I feel so relaxed,” or “It’s a beautiful day here, and we live in such a wonderful place.” Yeah, I know, pretty lame and boring. A bit like life in that regard. And then – damn them – there are those people who have the time freedom to be spending the chilly months in exotic enclaves and persist in posting photos of wonderful beaches and jungly flora. OK. I get it. I’m jealous as hell of you. Why not a little more about the cockroaches or bad food diarrhea? You know, just for balance.

And then there are blogs. I have been blogging since the concept first arose. But, alas, I think people have gotten a bit weary about blogging. A lot of folks don’t update or write new stuff with great regularity. And more importantly – to me – is I don’t get the ‘hits’ I once got on mine. Sometimes like one or two. In times past I’d get 15-20-25 even. Have I deteriorated and become a bore?

I don’t really want to give up on this process. In fact I can’t. I write. I write compulsively whether or not anybody reads me. I need to express myself, and that’s a legacy from all my journalistic years. Blogging keeps me primed for book-type writing. And I will also retain some of my favorites whom I will continue to visit.

A couple of my favorite blogsphere pals have packed it in for the reasons I’m iterating. I miss them and wish they’d come back. Leesa and Laura Jane, I think you should come back. But that’s just me. Meanwhile, I think I’ll stick it out for a while.




19 responses to “Ch-ch-ch-changes in my li’l old electronic world

  1. Well I keep reading you. Although a couple of people whose blogs I read have decided to quit. Others have in the past, only to return, reinvigorated.

    I think it’s difficult to stay fresh. If you’re an ideologue, or a died in the wool pessimist it’s easier to continue the flow. Good doses of bile and general hatred for the left or right or middle can act as a wonderful fuel to fire the keyboard into rapid action. .

    Not that your in that group, I add in haste.

    Interesting that you on WordPress, I’m on Blogger and have noticed a reduction in traffic there too. But not on Tumblr which is much more picture based and attracts I think a younger audience.

    Keep writing, as I’m sure you will.

  2. I’ll keep reading your blogs, the main reason I got back on facebook. Keep ’em coming.

  3. Speaking as one who no longer posts with great regularity, I have noticed many bloggers begging off due to burnout or other obligations. I am dealing with health issues at the moment, a fact alas I can never seem to escape. Keep reading…I plan on returning and I do read all of your posts.

  4. I do not have the time (or inclination!) to write daily blog posts. But I’ve been here for almost 5 years and will continue as long as I think I have something that might amuse readers.

  5. Ian, my traffic also has greatly reduced. The majority of hits I get are from searches for my “how to” posts. Apparently there are people from around the world every day looking to make a foot stool or hat stand. I will continue to post because my blog is more of a personal journal and I like to look back at vacations and big events and it’s all at the touch of a keyboard. I’ve always liked your style because it’s like stumbling upon an interesting magazine article. I also like how you and I can disagree on some subjects and agree to disagree without rancor. I’m glad you’re here. (Or as the facebookers put it “Im glad your hear.” hee hee)

    • So, you get those ‘how to’ spam items, too. I’ve been getting a ton of them recently. Although very few penis enlargement ones any more. I like your blog very much and always come by, even if I don’t always comment. You are one of my longest duration blogger pals. And yes, we don’t always agree, and that is absolutely OK. So, I’m glad ‘your hear’ too. (or should that be ‘to’)?

  6. I find there aren’t enough hours in the day anymore — I write entries when I can, I read blogs when I’m able, and leave comments when I have something to say, but I feel less and less like I have any worthy words.

    While I may often lurk silently, I enjoy your blog immensely, Ian, and I’m glad to hear you aren’t ceasing any time soon. 🙂

    • You know it always gives me a bit of a rush to see a commen from you. You know why that is? It’s because when I began my very first blog you were the absolutely first person to give me a comment. You are my ‘charter’ blogger girl! I’m also happy because I like you and hugely admire your talent.

  7. I haven’t been blogging anywhere near as long as you, Big Brother, but I’ve noticed the same trends. For me, blogging is a fun way to share my sometimes weird experiences with anybody who cares to read about them, but I certainly don’t feel obligated to post every day! I blog for ME, not for anybody else. If ever I start to feel that I HAVE TO blog to please others, that’s the day I’ll stop. The same goes for reading blogs: I do it for ME, and I comment because I want to, not because somebody expects me to. And again, if ever it stops being enjoyable, I’ll stop doing it. And your blog is still enjoyable to me: I always read it, even if I don’t always comment. So, keep writing, please!

    • I love your blog, dear sister, and I will always come by, and not because it’s expected but because I like coming over to your house for tea. And I too don’t visit anybody just due to expectations, but both my sisters (you and Jazz) are my exceptions. I always visit you both because I love your respective styles and for, you know, family solidarity.

  8. I would miss your blog delivered fresh daily to my inbox! And it was good to see you, even if it is hard to bridge so many years!

    • Thank you Jane. It was really good to see you, too, and would like to spend much more time chatting at some point. I think we just scratched the surface in our interaction. And I really enjoyed meeting Matthew. Nice guy. YOu did well, methinks.

  9. Clearly hit on a strategy there.

  10. Well, you sure got hits on this one Ian! 😉
    I’m feeling the whole blog bleh thing myself. I’ve noticed lots of people, some of my favourites, slacking off too. Much as I’m trying to get back to it, I just can’t seem to find anything to blog about. Ah well, maybe I should get more into facebook…

    • Seems to have struck a chord, no doubt about that. So, Miss Conchita, are you back? Wonderful to get a comment from you. I’ve missed ya. And I do know what you’re saying about blogging but I’ll stick with it for a while. I also find FB an enjoyable diversion.

  11. You have neither deteriorated nor become boring. Keep writing. In the electronic world, blogs are still the place to read thought-out, relatively well-written personal opinions. You, sir, are the cream of the crop; I look forward to reading about whatever issue has caught your attention for the day!

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