Sorry, but life is a little brighter when you’re not here

The Trumpeter Swan is a magnificent avian creature.

After the California Condor it has the second largest wingspan of any bird.

It’s also strikingly attractive in flight. A large gaggle (I don’t know what the collective is for swans, so I’ll stick with gaggle) overhead, honking and making swan noises is a sight to behold and hear.

It was once threatened with extinction and it was only through concerted conservation efforts that their numbers have been restored. Good-oh.

Here (the Comox Valley on Vancouver Island) is one of the most significant wintering spots for the swans and farmers’ fields will soon be crawling with the big white birds.

They are beautiful, have attitude, and they can be nasty despite their magnificence of appearance. I like that about them. They remind me of certain women I’ve known and (yes) loved.

But, there is a downside to all of this.

That downside is – the damn things are back. And in their being back it can only mean one thing: Winter is upon us.

Damn swans!


7 responses to “Sorry, but life is a little brighter when you’re not here

  1. One of the most handsome and my most favorite birds. Yes, they are gathering in gaggles and yes, their gathering heralds winter. Farmers hate them because those HUGE feet are a free bus ride for all kinds of nasty biology.

    • Yes, farmers around here hate them for the reasons you state. And yes they are magnificent at the same time. They’re like beautiful women. Wonderful to behold but sometimes problematic. Thank you for coming by.

  2. Well, depending which authority you heed, their collective noun is game, herd or bevy. In flight, they are a wedge.
    What the heck is wrong with “flock”? They are lovely.(Our natives are black with red bill)

  3. I have seen your lovely black swans on a number of occasions.
    A lot of Hawaiian resorts have them. Bevy, I rather like that and think I shall use it. And, of course, flock definitely works.

  4. I’m sorry you’re dreading winter. It’s great here. The only negatives are the dryness and static shock. Well, and it’s kinda ugly in a floral sense although it’s bright and sunny. I think our winter doesn’t even start ’til about three quarters into December. I’m still wondering how that Japanese earthquake is going to affect everything. Remember it tilted the earth’s axis by a few degrees.

  5. You’ve managed to make me hate the swans cause they mean winter. As for Geewits comment, I obviously jumped to the immediate conclusion that it will make winter even worse. Cause we get the dryness and static shock, as well as -20 degree weather and tons of snow. *sigh*

  6. To Jazz: We have the AC on right now because it got so warm today.

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