Did you love Paris? Why oh why did you love Paris?

Sic transit gloria mundi.

That statement has nothing to do with a lady named Gloria throwing up on the bus early in the week, if my Latin serves me. I know only small Latin, and know little about buses. If you want to learn about buses including the propensity of some riders to blow their groceries or Jim Beam, I suspect brilliant blogger friend Pearl could set you straight. She knows more about buses than the average transit authority.

No, this is to do with fame being fleeting and it arose from erudite blogger pal Jazz who wondered in an email this morning whatever had happened to Paris Hilton. Well, I thought, that is a question worth pondering.

You must remember Paris. When was the last time you saw Paris? Did you love Paris in the springtime, or did you love Paris in the fall? And why, oh why did you love Paris?

Well, the point was, we all loved Paris. And we miss her since she went away.

The Paris of legend and lore was a kind of curious creature. She was ubiquitous and you saw her face and other bits sporting themselves in many venues and watering holes, whether it was San Tropez or Waikiki. She caught attention wherever she went back in the day.

She had certain traits that invariably caught the eye of the paparazzi. One of the more popular tendencies of Miss Paris was a distinct inability to exit a cab or limo in what my grandmother would have called “a ladylike manner”. Consequently the camera-eye, hence the leering public became well acquainted with her skivvies. At least she wore some, unlike some other camera-hogs of the day.

But, the point of this little exercise is just to indicate how pop-culture is a fickle and cruel mistress and that it bypasses nonentities in a trice. And Miss Hilton, despite her gazillions in family money and the connectedness of her name, was essentially a nonentity with virtually no talent other than showing her carnal prowess in a notorious coital film of the day.

Is Paris sad that she has lost her public fascination mojo? That’s difficult to say, since we so rarely hear from her. And we can only hearken to the wisdom of John Maynard Keynes who, about another matter, succinctly stated: “Tell someone who gives a shit.”

What she is actually doing now interests me no more than it did back then. I mean, now that we have moved on and can devote all our leisure attention to some entity known as Kardashians.

See how we’ve grown.


6 responses to “Did you love Paris? Why oh why did you love Paris?

  1. How thrilled I am to have inspired this post. And how scary it is that you’re talking about the Kardashians. I thought they hadn’t even registered on your radar. I am very disappointed in you Bro.

  2. So freakin’ weird, but just yesterday I was wondering what happened to that girl. I always blamed my favorite show “Saturday Night Live” for her because I had never heard of her before that and I was even a People subscriber. All of a sudden SNL kept doing skits about her and having her on. I was all what? Who is that? So as big a fan as I am of SNL, if I ever met Lorne Michaels, I’d knee him in the groin for thrusting that vacuous trollop on us.

  3. Honestly, maybe Paris isn’t as stupid as she appears and realized that her party-girl/sex tape career had a shelf life.

    Or maybe she’s in undie rehab. It’s so hard to tell.


    p.s. Thank you for the lovely mention. 🙂

  4. What do they do in undie rehab? I think I’d like to be there as a scientific observer.

    As for the mention, it was the easiest thing in the world.

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