Well, I could ‘Bah humbug’ all over the place if I wanted, but I’ve decided I don’t want to

Did I tell you I was going to like Christmas this year?

Yeah, that’s been kind of a revelation to me. I realized I had a choice in the matter. I could continue to follow my time-honored seasonal mode which has been, for years, to attest that Yuletide and all that that entails is a bunch of overcommercialized crap in which people give themselves an excuse to overindulge every aspect of their being.

They spend too much; they eat to much; they drink too much; they exhaust themselves and then they cannot understand why they plummet to the depths of a depression that would even wipe that perpetual beatific smile off the Dalai Lama’s puss and render him to ask: “What the hell is it all about?”

What I traditionally did to counterattack the post-Christmas blahs is get my ill-spiritedness in ahead of time by decrying all aspects of the season from the music to the decorations to the %$#&& TV ads that seem to begin before Labor Day these days. “Humbug” was too mild a word for my crankiness about all the Jolly Old St. Nick shit.

And then the revelation came to me. December is essentially the awfulest month of the year. The weather is atrocious, it’s dark much of the time and spring is a very long way off. It contains the longest night of the year to boot. Added to which, I am a bit afflicted with SADS, so it’s all a losing proposition.

This year I decided to change. I made a conscious choice. I was going to ‘like’ Christmas if it killed me. I was going to have an inner Solstice Festival. I wasn’t going to exasperatedly change stations on my car radio whenever Christmas music was played. Well, except for that (choose any profane expletive adjective you like) Little Drummer Boy. Sorry, you obnoxious little weasel, you didn’t make my personal cut. I mean, think about it. In the first place they didn’t have drumstick using drums in the days of Jesus’ birth. And secondly, Mary has just managed to get the kid to go to sleep in his crappy manger bed and along comes this little creep ‘rumpa-pum-pumping’ all over the place. And no, kid, he didn’t smile at you. Newborns don’t smile. It was probably gas.

But, with that not so notable exception, I have really been quite enjoying myself. I’ve virtually done all my Christmas shopping and truly enjoyed doing so. I have listened to Christmas music and even bought a double CD to listen to while the tree was going up. And the tree is up and decorated. And there are outside lights in place. All cards, meanwhile, have been sent and all that is left is for stockings to be hung by the chimney with care and my specialty eggs benedict to be made for Christmas morning. Oh, and I made sugar cookies, too. And they turned out great. And we’ve driven around town looking at lights on houses and I haven’t once expressed disgust at the ‘vulgarity’ of it all.

Of course this could all mean I’m losing my marbles. But I’m liking it.

16 responses to “Well, I could ‘Bah humbug’ all over the place if I wanted, but I’ve decided I don’t want to

  1. May your bliss continue! I like this time of year even if most people are ignorant and forget about Chanukah. I love the lights and the celebrations though I do think the emphasis on gifts is a bit much, truth be told. I enjoy spending time with friends.

    I hope the New Year will be a good one. Cheers!

  2. So it’s safe to wish you and Wendy a Merry Christmas then?

  3. Good for you! Never thought much about that, but the lit trees and festive outdoor decorations do make the December gloom a bit brighter. Maybe that’s why I love Christmas so much: the gloom-chasing Christmas lights. Because I do not like gloom.

    • You and me both on gloom and that’s why I’ve come to cherish the lights this year. Makes December life so much brighter and then the days start getting longer after the 21st.

  4. It’s amazing how we can change under the treat of the partner withdrawing conjugal rights.

  5. Your zenitude… well, I am left speechless.

    Good on you for losing your marbles; I’m not there yet, but it’s coming, no doubt about it. Dunno if it’ll lead me to like Christmas though, since it’s not the vulgarity for me, it’s the freaking obligations…

    Anyway. And the worst month is actually not December, it’s February. February is evil.

    • February is generally a crappy month, but it’s only 28 days, and my birthday’s also in February. Either a good or bad thing depending on how I’m feeling. Obligations we have are scanty thanks to having no family in the area and damned if I’m going to travel anywhere to see anyone.

  6. I think the double CD is OTT, surely your relatives are going to wonder what’s happened to the real you and demand that you return him in good shape

  7. Hey, at my age I still like to confuse people. Keeps them on their toes. And may you and yours have a joyous Noel.

  8. Love the cartoon. Yours?

  9. Your cartoon made me laugh….I was never a fan of Christmas hype but my neighbours’ enthusiasm is infectious and i’m enjoying the visits and the chats…not to speak of the tamales.
    Could it be the sunshine which makes a difference?

  10. Sunshine always makes a difference for me and thank you for the compliment on the cartoon.

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