As years go I think 2011 was fairly decent and perhaps I’d like to stick with the familiar

Bill Vaughan
“Youth is when you’re allowed to stay up late on New Year’s Eve. Middle age is when you’re forced to.”

Of all the pivotal so-called ‘ceremonial’ events of the year New Year’s Eve qualifies as the most loathsome. More boring than Groundhog Day (without the advantage of having Bill Murray punctuating it) and even more overrated than Christmas as it has become, if such a thing is possible. The waning of the old year has never seemed time for celebration.

I suppose when you are young there might be some hoped for blessings as the Dick Clark hour (yes, he’s still alive in his 120s) looms in the probably vain hope of separating someone nubile and sweet from her panties amongst the piled up coats on the bed in somebody’s spare room or, if unsuccessful in that quest (which is likely), then getting shitfaced drunk and courting a hangover that will last until at least the 3rd. Yeah, right, those were the days.

But, what are we celebrating? The successful survival of the old year, or the looming new one. I mean, I’ve never rushed out to embrace the new year. A lot of crap can happen in a year and some of it isn’t so very nice. There’s an old line from Beyond the Fringe in which an oldster states: “It was a good year for petunias, 1939. Wish we’d ‘ave another like it.” Needless to say the other highlight of that year was the beginning of World War Two.

OK, I’ll be frank (I’ll be earnest if you’d prefer) a forthcoming year fills me with a certain dread and I only hope I’ll be able to muddle through and be back her to bore you a year from now.

No, I think I’m more inclined to look backward at what went by and think, I made it, I did. I kept my sanity reasonably intact, equally reasonably honored my domestic vows, didn’t kill anybody (wanted to), didn’t get killed (goes without saying), and still loathe the loathsome aspects of the world much as I ever did and, yes, got a year older. Don’t like that one much either, but consider the alternative. Now, 2011 was a pretty reasonable year for me, so I’d be happy to stay there and eschew pending 2012 because I am always ware of crapshoots.

I emphatically don’t do resolutions. Haven’t for years. They’re stupid and illogical, and an invitation to failure and loss of self-esteem and God only knows that’s in short supply as it is. Sometimes I do ‘aspirations’ which have little to do with me sacrificing any of my pleasures, but are merely hopes for which might transpire in the forthcoming 365 days. Sort of mini-prayers that don’t involve all that folderol of getting down on your knees or going to church and stuff.

But, don’t get me wrong. I am grateful. There are things about 2011 of which I do indeed give thanks. They are:

–         Having a significant ‘other’ in my life: I am a soul that can get lonely in a crowd and can suffer pangs of isolation, so I feel blessed in sharing my digs and life with another person; one with whom I am compatible.

–         Max the Wonder Dog: Nothing more needs be said.

–         Living in a beautiful part of the world: If you are unfamiliar with Vancouver Island, come and make yourself familiar if you get the chance. The place is pretty amazing (see photo). I also live in a very pleasant neighborhood to be noted for its paucity of suicide bombers and active gestapo constabulary. Neighbors hardly every turn anybody in so they can be sent off and never heard of again.

–         Having people in my life whom I genuinely love: I don’t mean carnally. Oh yeah, I have an active imagination, but I mean genuine friends of both sexes and all ages who make my life brighter. And they aren’t all physical presences in my life. I also have some email and blogger and FB people I love dearly and would hate to have go away.

–         Having reasonable health: Can’t buy, beg, borrow or steal that one.

–         Having been to Hawaii in the last year: A year that has included Hawaii is a good year.

–         Having also been to Oregon in the last year: My 2nd favorite state after Hawaii. Oregon is a lot like BC with the bonus being no sales tax.

–         Having enough to live fairly comfortable in a nice neighborhood: Nothing more needs be said.

–         Having people read this stuff: I am an old journo. My ‘stuff’ is my lifeblood and I always aim to please.

Love and kisses to you all and have a fantastic 2012.


9 responses to “As years go I think 2011 was fairly decent and perhaps I’d like to stick with the familiar

  1. Love and kisses to you, too, Ian. You have an excellent list of the year’s memories (and “beings”) to treasure. ♥

  2. And good luck on your future (year’s) endeavours! 😀

  3. Have a wonderful 2012.

  4. Sounds like 2011 was good to you. Same here. I guess the reason I get so excited about ringing in the new year is I am a college basketball fan (Duke) and the season kicks into high gear in the new year, then we have our birthdays in April and our beach trip in May. The first five months of a new year are always great.
    Ian, I hope you have such a wonderful 2012 that next year you will be looking forward to 2013. Cheers!

  5. Wonderfully positive thinking afoot in your comments. Lovely to see and may all good things come to you.

  6. Hope your 2012 is as good as your 2011.

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