So, did you shed a tear for departed ‘Dear Leader’ today? If not, watch out

I just read how a bunch of poor saps in North Korea are going to be sent off for “re-education” in labor camps because they didn’t show sufficient grief over the recent death of Dear Leader. That’ll teach ‘em.

Not sure what ‘sufficient grief’ should look like. Weeping and wailing? Rending of garments? Mass suicide? Considering the environment in which they live, the latter seems like a viable, even desirable option.

North Korea. Now there’s a scary motherfucker of a place. We may fret and fume over the indignities and outrages in our societies, but compared with North Korea, Afghanistan and Syria look like veritable paradises on earth.

And some people likely thought George Orwell was exaggerating with 1984.

Can you imagine living in a society in which there is absolutely NO access to the realities of the outer world? No Twitter. No Facebook. No emails from people you really don’t want to hear from and who expect you to respond posthaste. No going into the office after vacation and finding a cache of 8,978 emails with at least a third of them being ‘not’ spam. Come to think of it, no spam either. Hmm. Wait a minute. I’m thinking. No, it would still be bad. I mean, no porn surfing either.

And apparently the aforementioned is the case. I mean, they live right next door to erstwhile compadres with a dynamic society and relentless capitalism thriving, and all cute Hyundais and Kias on the roads, and they are allowed no access to such.

Not to be facetious any longer, truly the mind boggles at the idea of a society so controlled that Hitler and Stalin would find it just a little strict. Arguably never before in history has any society been so methodically isolated from outside influence by its overlords. Albania in the old days was pretty severe, and so was Burma until quite recently, but N. Korea leaves them a country mile behind.

Because, not only is N. Korea isolated from outside intellectual and philosophical influences, it is an extremely harsh regime internally. And in this ‘brave new world’ the populace isn’t just kept in the dark and kept in line with very rigid discipline and miltarism, but the citizenry is also expected to ‘love’ its hideous leadership.

The only connectedness that seems apparent lies in the area of military and chillingly, nuclear technology. You know, the inmates not only run that asylum, but they also want to get the rest of us. Check out the photo of the ‘kids at play’ above, and that wasn’t a product of the old Al Gore election campaign. At least I don’t think it was.

I don’t anticipate it being much better under ‘Dear Leader Junior’, either. 





8 responses to “So, did you shed a tear for departed ‘Dear Leader’ today? If not, watch out

  1. That is some scary shit right there. The mind boggles

  2. If someone in the north gets a few glimpses of what they have in the south….God help ’em all…and maybe us too.

  3. The caption for the top photo should be “If you’re hungry make a fist.”

  4. I remember the mad pressure to conform to showing grief at the death of Diana Princess of Wales….another nutter with a hold on the people.
    Lucky she wasn’t elected to office.

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