Oh sugar-sugar — you are my candy-girl and you’ve got me wanting you!

Watch out, the killjoys are out to get us once again, and we only have ourselves to blame.

1)     for letting ‘em

2)     for not cleaning up our own act and taking responsibility for our own behavior and therefore leaving the door open to let overbearing crypto-fascists make encroachments on our lives.

Welcome back to the anti-sugar fanatics. Not content with assailing caffeine, tobacco, demon alcohol and trans-fats, they have now resurrected the old assault against the sweet stuff. An assault some of us thought had died out with Adelle Davis and her spuriosities about nutrition way back in 1974.

Not so, it would seem. Now there is a new attack on glucose, sucrose, fructose and all them other ‘oses and not only is the stuff found to be evil and corrupt but these guys – in the name of our good health, thenkyew – want to bring in laws against it. Prohibition laws like the sort of restrictions we have on access to ciggies and the old red-eye.

Now, I know that sugar and its excess consumption is responsible for all sorts of ills, ranging from rotten-teeth to diabetes. The point of that statement is, however, “excess consumption”. Everything in moderation, dear brethren and sisteren. We know that, even if we don’t always follow such a sage caveat. Too many canned green beans are probably bad for a person, too. But, y’know, if you choose to overindulge in anything then it’s basically your own damn business. Don’t interfere with my life and well-being and I don’t much give a fuck how stupid you are about your own.

You may indeed make wrong choices, but they are your wrong choices.

Not good enough, say these guys. Who are these guys, you might well ask?

Well, one of those guys is Dr. Robert Lustig, a childhood obesity “expert”. Damn, you stick ‘doctor’ in front of somebody’s name and it automatically makes that person an expert on evahthang – including your rights (or lack of same) as a citizen.

Doc Lustig thinks that sucrose and fructose are so lethal that he believes access should be controlled like it is to alcohol and tobacco and should be essentially restricted in its purchase to adults and right-thinking parents. Migawd, here people have been getting exercised about access to marijuana, but Herr Lustig thinks things are too open when your kid has unquestioned access to a slurpee at 7-11 and he shouldn’t be able to purchase same.

“Ve need laws und enforcement!” he opines. I don’t know if he has a German accent, but I thought I’d throw it in for cheapshot impact.

Yes, I know there is a generation of little porkers out there who scarf those slurpees like there is no tomorrow and sit staring at computer games like there’s no tomorrow and never hustle their fat little asses outdoors unless it’s to the car so overindulgent and protective Mom can drive him to and from school because she couldn’t expect him to actually (gasp) walk if school is more than two blocks away.

And it’s true that in my day, when Christ and I were kids we walked to and from school (a mile distant), it is also true that soda pop came in little 7 ounce bottles which we mainly didn’t have the money to buy in any case and there wasn’t nobody gonna give us that money.

So today’s reality with too many kids is both terribly sad and extremely unhealthy and the increased diagnoses of Type 2 Diabetes bear testament to such parental negligence. If your kid is sucking back too much soda from one of those drums in which they are sold today, who is to blame? Well, I guess the parents for laying the  money on the little blighters. Parents sorely in need of some education on nutrition and moderation, and in need of advice on quelling overindulgence.

But we don’t need laws and stormtroopers (not exactly as pictured) to bring it about. In a free society I like to think we should have the right to make our own decisions, even if they are really stupid ones.






9 responses to “Oh sugar-sugar — you are my candy-girl and you’ve got me wanting you!

  1. Though I agree with you about making our own decisions even if they are stupid, there is some education that has to happen about how much sugar we ingest without really knowing. Have you read a food label lately? There is sweetener of some sort in practically everything we eat, particularly if the product is commercially prepared. Though we don’t need the storm troopers, I agree that there is a need for education of both parents, kids and the food makers.

    • I’m in full accord on the need for education on the gratuitous use of sugar in manufacturing foodstuffs, Norma. And it’s truly an outrage. It’s also a matter of caveat emptor — check those labels, folks. I just don’t want to see more draconian rules imposed on a rule-ridden society.

  2. I suspect that Dr Lustig is a creation of the industry he condemns.

    What is wrong in restricting the use of ingredients known to be harmful. Especially when such use by producers is ubiquitous.

    This idea of choice is a fallacy. And why is it just parents who are to blame. for this epidemic. Don’t manufacturers have a responsibility?

    • Your initial comment is quite possibly true. And I agree that manufacturers have huge responsibility. Unfortunately, the marketplace indicates that people want this crap and it’s easier to not eat healthfully.

      • Ah, I forgot “the marketplace”. Would this happen to be the same marketplace our betters were extolling as they imploded a matter of a few years ago?

  3. I heard about this the other day and it had me in stitches. Seriously, it being illegal to buy a candy bar unless you’re over 18? Really?

    True, there is sugar in copious amounts everywhere today, but by the same token, how stupid do you have to be to not realize that drinking 72 ounces of coke can’t be good for you? Or for that matter, eating chips or candy by the truckload.

    The manufacturers definitely have a lot of responsibility, but ultimately, it’s the consumer who decides. You can get cookies at the supermarket, but you can also get apples. If people read labels, bought more healthy stuff and stopped buying crap, manufacturers would change their products, they’d have no choice.

    • We’re a gluttinous and spoiled society and we are payint the price. Unfortunately, part of the price is the fear of attracting even more control freaks like Lustig.

  4. Letting people make their own (possibly stupid) choices, is just allowing evolution to take its course.

    • Well, I am of the cynical mind that anything that knocks morons out of the gene-pool isn’t such a bad thing. No, I don’t really think that — maybe. But I fully agree with you about allowing evolution to take its course.

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