I think I only slightly resent George Clooney

I hate it when George Clooney is nominated for an award, like he is this year,  because that means every time you look at a magazine cover at the checkout, or open the entertainment pages you see his ridiculously handsome mug staring back at you.

Yep, George is a good-looking dude with the kind of facial bearing reminiscent of the handsome actors of yore in their glory-days, like Clark Gable, Gary Cooper, and Cary Grant. What we used to call “collar-ad” looks.

And it gets wearing, it does. Give me a Steve Buscemi or John Goodman because they actually look like real human beings. Nobody really looks like Clooney.

I mean, he’s a good enough actor and I quite like watching him in some decent films that he’s done, but he’s just too bloody handsome and is thusly, like his compadre Brad Pitt, constant camera-fodder.

Combine this with the fact he’s also charming, can be very funny and a few other positive things and it becomes downright disgusting, not to mention a bit unfair to us peons.

I don’t mean to suggest I feel cheated or threatened in this Clooney-esque situation. I’m a decent enough looking fellow and have received my share of compliments on my appearance through the years – and thank you to all the utterers – but I don’t think just by walking along a street I’ve every caused a passing female to feel a pressing need to change her undies when she got home, if you get my drift. I bet George has that happen a lot.

Do really good-looking people know they’re really good looking? Well, unless they’re oblivious to the external world and its dynamic – of course they do, and they’re lying if they attest otherwise.

I once did a newspaper feature on a young local woman who was an aspiring model. She was drop-dead stunning of face and body and was about 5-foot-11, which also enchanted one. During the interview I asked her if, when she looked in the mirror in the morning, if she thought: “Damn, I’m good-looking.”? She replied that yes, she did know she was a babe and that she wouldn’t have the confidence to be treading the path she was embarking on if she didn’t believe that.

As an aside I might mention that she didn’t succeed in her aspirations because she was told she had an appearance flaw – her ass was too protuberant. Now, for me, that merely added to her charm, but for the weasels that dominate the high-fashion world it was a ‘flaw’. A great, truly great ass is a flaw? Means to the weasels that garments won’t hang right. Oh yeah, it means to me that they’ll hang interestingly. What a disgusting attitude. Anyway, she ultimately succeeded in the hospitality industry instead.

Otherwise, I just have to accept the fact that we weren’t all created equal in physiognomy and just get on with my life as a non-George.

Oh, and his aunt, Rosemary, was quite a wonderful singer, too.






15 responses to “I think I only slightly resent George Clooney

  1. Clooney’s handsomeness became apparent to me after I heard him speak articulately on a number of issues. I like smart men. Clooney also has a fabulous voice, and I started paying attention to him in films. Also, he doesn’t seem to take his celebrity too seriously.
    I get the feeling that his parents raised him with manners. It was only later that I considered him attractive and charming, the modern-day Cary Grant. BTW, Ian, I’m certain you’ve turned quite a few heads over the years, so you’re in good company. 😉

    • Actually his father is just as charming and a pretty decent looking older man. As for Cary Grant, a reporter once interviewed him and told him “I always wanted to be Cary Grant.” To which Grant replied: “Believe me, so did I.” As for your compliment, there was always a reason I loved you.

  2. I often think about you guys less fortunate than I in the looks department. Frankly I don’t know how resist smashing your fist into my gorgeous gob.

    I’m envious of you ordinary looking guys – honest. I have so much trouble with dames. It becomes a bore. It must be great not having to worry about when you dating who. Also having only one woman fancy you – if you’re lucky – can I suppose be relatively stress free.

  3. Personally, I prefer Steve Buscemi to George Clooney. True he’s not a looker, but there’s something about him…

  4. I’m with Deb on this one. George (may I call him George? Not too familiar?) has an intriguing combination of humility and self-confidence that suggests he’s easy to get along with. Add to that his courtesy and good humour, it’s hard to resist the biology… Speaking as a female, of course!

  5. George looks gorgeous, but he has been hard to get up the aisle 🙂

  6. All during the 90’s my brother got tired of hearing how much he looked like George Clooney, so some real people do look like that. His hard living in the early “oughts” (my brother’s, not George’s) changed all that. Most of the really good looking people I have known realize that they are considered hot by others but are quick to point out their flaws. “My skin is terrible!” or “I think my nose is too big” but yeah they know they are attractive. I really like George as a person and actor, but he looked too much like my brother for a while for me to think of him in a sexual way. Is that weird?

  7. That’s an interesting take on Clooney as pertains to your brother. Did your brother think he was good looking?

  8. I’ve met some beautiful people damaged by their looks. It can set you askew when you earn favorable attention for nothing you’ve done. And when they begin to age, they go through a painful middle-aged postponed adolescence in which they have to come up with a new life strategy–when the rest of us are finally becoming free of our strategies. I’ve always been grateful I was good enough looking to not repel people, but not good-looking enough to have to distrust them. Well, there might have been a few years when I was young that I would have gone for gorgeousness in a heartbeat…

    • Much wisdom here and we’ve all seen what happens when people go just on their looks and develop nothing else with which to compensate when time, tide and nature take their courses. Then it gets pretty pathetic. And, as you suggest you were when young, me too.

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