Sorry, but I’m wary of folks that don’t like dogs

If I have any beliefs about immortality,
it is that certain dogs I have known will go to heaven,
and very, very few persons.
James Thurber

I’ve known a few people in my life that didn’t like dogs. Not surprisingly (to me) those people were invariably untrustworthy and not especially likeable.

I’m only mentioning this because the dog-haters around here have been having a heyday in the letters sections of local newspapers. Their li’l screeds, purportedly looking out for the common weal are essentially matters of canine detestation and probably puppy-fear. Sad that.

These also seem to be people who decry the fact there is simply not enough ‘control’ in society and they scapegoat dogs in their process of wishing there were more uniformed, Sam Brown belted protectors of the values of decent folk like they are – or as they see themselves.

Their objections seem to be based on two primary issues: poop and inobservance of leash laws.

About the poop matter, they will find I am completely in accord. People who don’t clean up dogshit should be summarily shot by one of the ‘brownshirts’ the dog-haters would like to see on patrol. As it stands, however, the majority of dog-owners I know feel exactly the same way about the issue as I do. I’ll also say that those bewailing the odd canine deposit on the footpath should take a trip to France if they want to see a casual attitude about doggy functioning and negligent owners.

About leash-law I am diametrically opposed. Quite frankly, if you want your dog to get into fights with other dogs, or to even have him bite folks, then slap a leash on him and never let him run free. People who know dogs know that to be true. Dog-haters don’t know dogs so they believe that dogs (just like the rest of society) should be constrained as much as possible.

Yes, there are unfortunate incidents, and sometimes they involve some breeds more than others. And cases in which a child or innocent person is mauled by a certain dog should mean that the dog is expedited immediately and if the owner has proved negligent, then the penalties should be stiff and future canine ownership should be verboten.

Unfortunately, even with ‘those certain’ breeds, you might find a good look at the owners will answer any questions you have about why the dog went rogue.

Likewise (and in so saying I must also state that I love dogs with all my heart) any dog found harassing, or worse, killing or injuring wildlife, should also be dispatched by the game control folk.

In my ideal society our relationship with dogs here should be more like it is in England where dogs are quite welcome in shops and pubs, and it’s never a question of whether vacation accommodation you are seeking will permit you to bring your pup. As one hostelry owner (in the US, actually) said to me: “I’ve never had a drunken dog destroy a motel room.”

But, I suspect dog-haters wouldn’t like the English model. It’s just not strict enough. I suspect in their world there would ideally be no dogs. Sorry, but I opt for Thurber’s view.



11 responses to “Sorry, but I’m wary of folks that don’t like dogs

  1. Dogs are welcome in my place -anytime-. Tho’ I do prefer they not knock over the furniture.

  2. I notice in Costa Rica that people let their dogs out for the day and they mooch about in groups doing doggy things. I say groups rather than packs because the latter has a perjorative sense.
    I’ve not yet seen a dog fight, which bears out your point about dogs and leashes..

    • On Rarotonga there are feral dogs all over the place. They’re perfectly pleasant and dog bites are very rare. The dogs have their own society and mind their own business. Fights, like in Costa Rica, are almost unheard of.

  3. Of course, I believe wholeheartedly in your assessment, Ian. Over the years, some of my colleagues have brought their dogs to work. Having a pooch in the counselling office has a tremendous positive effect on the folks we see. I wish I could take my “Sunny girl” to my worksite – but being in a school, it is not very tolerated by some. I do sneak her in sometimes though!

    • Good for you for sneaking her in, Wendy. And thank you for the 10 commandments you sent. Much appreciated, and true, of course. I also happen to think that dog lovers go to Heaven along with their pooches.

  4. I was attacked by a dog as a child and that can have an effect on one. It has taken me years to really be cool with dogs. Oddly, I disagree with you on the wildlife thing. If certain breeds of dogs were let loose and killed, for instance, a mallard in a park, the dog should not be put down. The owner should be heavily fined.

    • I was bitten a few times when I was a kid, but it never really affected my love for dogs. Like some people are nasty assholes, so are some dogs. But I believe such dogs are reflections of their owners. As for the wildlife thing, yes I’d be less severe about a duck than I would about a deer. And I agree about the fines.

  5. What’s not to love about a dog – except maybe getting up at dawn to walk him, even if it’s -8000 outside.

    Ps: I believe Max is awaiting his belly rub from me. Get to work Ian.

    • Sometimes I whine about having to take him out in the early hours despite the weather, and then I think, where would I be if I didn’t have him to take out. Life would have less meaning.
      And Max will get his belly-rub a la Jazz, for sure.

  6. This is really embarrassing, insulting and narrow-minded. I know people who don’t like dogs that are the most generous and caring people I have ever met in my life. And I met many dog lovers who were big ***holes- because their behaviour doesn’t depend on their love or non-love for dogs. I like both dogs and cats and I find it always interesting to see, that most cat lovers will almost NEVER say mean things or insult people who don’t like cats. Oh and by the way- Adolf HITLER was a known dog lover – I don’t think that he went to heaven.

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