Hope you’re having a great 29th because you don’t get another for 4 years

Blame it all on Pope Gregory XIII, for on Feb. 24 of 1582  he brought in a spanking new calendar that was designed to rectify the flaws found in that old pagan-inspired Julian calendar.

Well, Greg’s calendar is largely OK except for one flaw. Every four years they have to stick in an extra day at the end of February, and this is one of those years. I mean, they could have put in that bonus day in July or August when folks would have appreciated it – but, February? The last of the big four crappy months of the year and we have to have an extra day of it just in case we might have been anticipating spring. Damn Gregory, I say. Is it a sin to damn a pope? I don’t care. I’m not Catholic.

Anyway, February 29th is a weird thing. I have a cousin who was born that day. So, I’ve never asked her when she celebrates her birthday. If she marks it on March 1 or Feb. 28 that’s just not right. Those aren’t her days. And what happens to the 29th in the intervening three years. Does it just lie in a calendar limbo somewhere, alone and unwanted and resentful that the Mayan version is getting so much play this year? Does the Mayan Calendar have leap year as well? We might just be getting an extra day before end-game, if that’s the case.

Anyway, tradition holds that on Feb. 29 the girls can ask the boys for either their hand in marriage, or (if he’s really fortunate) sexual favors. I kind of like that one, though it’s a long span between ‘lucky’ days and such a protracted drought can make a body wonder if the wait is really worth it. By the way, I was never ‘asked’ for ribald indulgence on the 29th, but where there’s life there’s hope. So, if you’re inclined, please ask. I’m not dead yet.

The 29th was also, when I was younger, the day for Sadie Hawkins dances. Sadie for the uninitiated was a butt-homely backwoods girl created by talented (albeit crypto-fascistic in his politics) cartoonist Al Capp in his strip Li’l Abner. The premise being that the only time Sadie got lucky was when she was a-doin’ th’ askin’. So, that was why girls were meant to invite boys out on a date.

I have little more to say about the 29th. Hope yours is a good one and see you in four years.


2 responses to “Hope you’re having a great 29th because you don’t get another for 4 years

  1. God knows I’ve had my share of leap years, but I had no idea. None.

    Course, I can ask Boy for sexual favours anytime and he will gladly oblige.

  2. Of your latter point. I like that.

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