Don’t be fooled by the uniform, I would have made a lousy navy man

Wendy thinks I would have made a very bad soldier.

“That’s why I would have joined the navy,” I said in response to her disparagement. It came about after watching an episode of NCIS, at which time I said I thought, if there were a war, I’d like to be in the navy. This was, I said, because the navy (anybody’s navy) has cooler uniforms.

“Army, navy, air force, it doesn’t matter,” was her response. “You’d be hopeless because you can’t stand anybody trying to organize you. You hate rules and restrictions.”

And then she trots out her favorite example of me balking at being ‘controlled’. This example is presented for my perusal literally (not just virtually) anytime anybody tries to push their weight around with me in a controlling manner.

“Honestly, I don’t know how you ever got through school!” she will be wont to opine. “And then you became a school teacher when ‘YOU’ hated being controlled.”

“Well, yeah, but I was a nice schoolteacher. I mean, I wasn’t a softy, but my students behaved because I treated them with respect, and generally they returned the compliment.”

Actually, as difficult as the foregoing may be to believe, it was actually true, and other ‘respected ‘ teachers can attest to the same thing.

Anyway, the favorite incident of Wendy’s involved the time a number of years ago when we had just completed a flight to Hawaii. The flight from Vancouver had been 6 hours long. And, still being fairly addicted to nicotine in the day, first and foremost in my mind was the pressing need to go outside the Honolulu air terminal and light up.

But, we were supposed to link up with some other people due to some sort of shuttle service for the advantage of folks staying in a special deal at the Hawaiian Village (it was, by the way, a really good deal, so no problem with that aspect even though I hate any sort of group endeavor). Well, I felt we could link away, but first I wanted that cigarette. And I walked away and went outside and had it. When I got back Wendy was fuming just a li’l bit due to the fact that this woman was trying to organize the shuttle riders and I was missing. Understandably all (except me) were frustrated. I apologized and confessedly did feel like a bit of a jerk about it. But, you see, it was the ‘being organized’ element that I had balked at.

Kris K. opined that “Freedom’s just another word for nothing left to lose”, but for me freedom means everything to gain.

Probably it goes back to having been raised in a very strict home where I had an old man who took his paternalism lessons from Ivan the Terrible. Well, no, he wasn’t that bad, but he couched little self-expression from his spawn.

And I guess ever since that time ‘control’ has made me balk.

So, no, I probably would have made a pretty bad soldier or sailor and would have spent a lot of time in the stockade or brig.

15 responses to “Don’t be fooled by the uniform, I would have made a lousy navy man

  1. Yeah, I have a problem with authority and controlling figures. Maybe that’s why we both became journalists?

    • That wouldn’t surprise me at all. We had the regimentation of meeting deadlines, but otherwise we were on our own and it worked — for both of us, obviously.

  2. Anecdote excepted, I could’ve written this post all the way down to the teacher thing. Did you notice that neither of us stuck with it though?

  3. And that would explain why you are a freelancer. I imagine you’d be pretty rotten at my job…

    • But, I was a newspaper employee for many, many years, but as I said to DD. As long as we met our deadlines and wrote brilliant shit, I might add, we were fulfillng our functions.

  4. Yes, but look at all the opportunities you missed…. so many women (myself included!) love a man in uniform!

  5. I’ve never had to work for anyone else…luckily for both parties.
    If you’d been forced to serve in the armed forces I bet not one week would have passed before you were up on a charge
    ‘in that he did poke bravado at his superior…’

  6. Maybe you would have made a good sniper. Lone gunman, striking from the shadows and all that. No one orders you around out in the bush. Then again, I have known a few snipers in my time. They’re all a bit squirrely.

  7. Well you are not as bad as I am if your wife has the one example to use. My husband can usually choose a new one every few months. I won’t even clap at a concert if the person on stage tells everyone to “put your hands together!”
    By the way, cute suit!

    • Oh, Geewits you are so much like I am in a number of regards, and I won’t clap at the time you mention, nor will I at a play feel compelled to give a standing ovation for something I don’t believe warrants it, even if everybody else is standing. To get a SO you must offer me something absolutely brilliant.

  8. I totally relate to how you feel. And I’m similar I think. There’s a difference too between informing – leaving people to decide based on that info for themselves – and controlling.
    I wish I could be like Wendy. It takes skill and patience to deal with someone who balks at the hint of control. I know, I am very similar to you. 🙂

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