A nation mourns the end of an era — or, at least I do. Just take all my past away, you bastards

I didn’t want them to but the $%#&& government ignored my wishes and did away with the penny, anyway. I mean, I didn’t actually inform the $%#&& government of my displeasure at the prospect but surely the $%#%% government must have figured out this would not be a popular decision – with me, anyway.

But that’s it, and without so much as a by-your-leave the bastards eradicated a big chunk of our numismatic heritage all in the name of something or other.

I mean, yeah, the penny can be kind of a pain-in-the-ass but so is Whoopie Goldberg and you don’t see them doing away with her.

And, for heaven’s sake, the penny is a significant part of our culture.

–         A penny saved is a penny earned.

–         In for a penny, in for a pound.

–         Save your pennies and the pounds take care of themselves.

–         And nice English ladies in want of the loo go and spend a penny.

But, in the name of wanton profligacy with our attempts at frugality, not to mention the desire of English ladies to keep their knickers dry, the penny is to be gone.

Have they considered for an instant what is to be the fate of the Penny Loafer? Are they now to become Nickel Loafers? Were the Bass-Weejun folk consulted about this?

I know that pennies had become irksome to those who weren’t emotionally connected with this smallest and least significant item of coinage but they were still a part of our culture. It has been said for a long time that pennies cost more to manufacture than they were actually worth. But that argument can be applied to a lot of things. Do you really think the raw materials that went into your computer compare with what you paid for it? Do you really think that any Adam Sandler film is worth a fraction of what it cost to make?

I grew up in an age when a penny had actual value, so it has nostalgic flavor for me. Three jawbreakers cost a mere penny. When I was very young a Coke was 6-cents. A nickel and, that’s right, a penny.

And what of Americans crossing the border into Canada with all those Lincoln-heads. Are they going to be forced to abandon them before they’re allowed in? “Sorry, folks, but we don’t want your &**% copper in our country.”

Meanwhile, will the name Penny for little girls fully lose favor? Should the Beatles song Penny Lane be retitled for future generations in case they don’t understand why a street would have such an unfamiliar name?

O brave new world, what hath God wrought? No longer will it rain pennies from heaven, obviously. At least not in the Great White North.

15 responses to “A nation mourns the end of an era — or, at least I do. Just take all my past away, you bastards

  1. Whatever happened to good currency driving out bad?
    Seems to me our governments want to give us tokens at the price of money.

  2. Spanglish. And Punch Drunk Love. In principle, I agreew with you 100 pennies worth. But… Those two movies aren’t bad.

  3. I just heard about this. Wow. It’s very sad. Like wiping out our history.

  4. The good news is I will pass down all my Canadian pennies to my future generations and in 50 years they will be like gold. Or not.
    So is it going to be a round down, round up system?
    And should you really be surprised at weird money happenings when some of your money is already loony?

    • Loony-toonie. I actually wish very much we’d go back to dollar bills. I hate loonies. They clutter up my pockets and leave welts on my legs. Yeah, though, save those pennies and they might someday be rarities.

  5. Oh dear me I feel for you! How did you cope when penny dreadfuls disappeared, and do you still remember “The Four Pennies” and their excruciating hit “Julia”?

    It’s that old enemy inflation I’m afraid that’s done it for your pennies. But you’ll get over it: trust me I went thro’ your angst 40 years ago when we switched from £:s:d to decimal.

  6. I posted on the same subject. And with a totally contrary opinion. We’re well rid of them in my opinion. Things are an f-ing plague. Now if they would just bring the plastic bills in across the board rather than just the $100s I would be a happy camper indeed.

    Hell, I might even be able to imagine I’m in Australia. OK, maybe not, winters would kill that particular fantasy.

    • I haven’t yet seen a plastic bill. I just don’t hang around them big denominations. But, as I said in an email, I honestly don’t care all that much, but are they now going to put jawbreakers up to a nickel?

  7. So, no more $1.99 specials?
    The $50 is already out, Jazz.
    and with the money they will save on those new bills, surely we could make the penny cheaper to make and therefore keep it.

  8. I like your idea of merely making the penny cheaper, and you know items are going to be rounded up to five cents on everthing.

  9. I knew that someone somewhere would moan and groan about the end of the lowly penny. And it’s you! I’m sad too. There are many things that a penny can be used for other than currency. You can make a little fabric penny-weight to pin down fabric when cutting out a sewing pattern (I do that). You can solder them to the bottom of stained glass boxes to make legs (I do that too). And you can pick one up to ensure good luck for the rest of the day.

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