Living a life in the ‘Dagwood’ mode isn’t such a bad thing

So, you get three neighbor guys of middle age who know one another quite well out walking their dogs early on a Sunday morning and what do they talk about? They talk about things that give them pleasure.

So, you would be thinking maybe sex and females in general. But, in the case of yesterday, not a topic of discussion. Sports and favorite teams? Nope. Families? Didn’t come up.

What we discussed in lieu of those otherwise worthy topics was the sheer decadent and sensual pleasure that can be found in a well-earned afternoon nap. When that topic arose eyes lit up in the triumvirate.

Yes the Dagwood mode seemed to have a great appeal. It’s such an indolent thing to do, and yet it’s not only healthy, it’s even recommended in assorted clinical circles. And it’s a natural response to the hours of the day, especially in context of that mid-afternoon slump.

In some jurisdictions it’s even institutionalized as in the siesta in Italy and assorted Latin cultures. People need to sleep at that time, and want to sleep at that time, so why not make it an aspect of the mores of the place.

The first time I ran into the siesta phenomenon was in Rome many years ago. It actually became a good time of day to go and do some sightseeing, despite the afternoon heat, because the crowds on the streets were sparse. The only downside I noticed was that instead to two rush-hours each day, there were four. Dodging Fiats can get tiring, especially considering the way many Italians drive.

But, that’s an aside. Back to napping in general. When the impulse strikes me it’s not to be denied. Indeed if a nap is looming I’m relentless in pursuing my quest. Much as at an earlier stage of my life I was relentless about pursuing certain other adventures, activities and sometimes people who were enchanting me.

Not saying those things don’t still happen, it’s just that nap need strikes me with the same self-indulgent persistence.

My naps are always on the living room couch and they are never more than about ¾ of an hour. If it runs longer I end up feeling groggy and won’t sleep as well at night. But, evidently, the time spent napping makes for a good and restorative sleep, according to professional sleep guys. I actually used to be able to 20-minute power nap when I was working as a reporter and sometimes had a night assignment. Such bits of soporific bliss always did what they were meant to.

As it is now, I’ll stretch out with my book of the moment and decide that I am going to read. That works for about three pages. Then the words begin to run together. In the next step I’ll be reading words that don’t even exist on the page. My slumbering mind is developing a new story that is ridiculously removed from the actual one. Wait, did the writer actually say “pregnant mongoose”? I shake my head and realize no such reference exists in the text. I’ll attempt to persevere a little longer, but soon I give up. Set the book aside and embrace slumber. I’ll be ‘gone’ in an instant, even though the room is light and there is traffic noise in the street. Oddly, at night, I demand that the room be pitch-black and I am kept awake by any extraneous noises. I don’t know why that is.

All I know is I’m not alone in relishing the afternoon nap, and I know I could be involved in worse pursuits, so I refuse to feel guilty.




15 responses to “Living a life in the ‘Dagwood’ mode isn’t such a bad thing

  1. I remember this comic! His naps were frequently interrupted by one of Blondie’s fiscal observations! 🙂

  2. Oh man, I need to walk my dog near you. All the dog park people here talk about over here is their dogs. I usually avoid the dog park crowd but plantar fasciitis has forced me to join them, just so my dog can get some exercise. I often feel this close to shooting myself they’re so boring. (FWIW my dog is like me: chasing the ball rather than socializing….)

    • Would love to have you walk your dog with us, Andrea. Oh, Max never chases balls, by the way. He just doesn’t get the ball chasing thing. He just likes to harass people who might have treats.

  3. Napping is one of my favourite past times.
    Pity I didn’t think so as a child. Maybe I am making up for it now.

  4. I thoroughly enjoy a good nap, too. The urge usually strikes me about 15 minutes into any TV program I start watching, regardless of the time of day, or how interesting the program is to me. It’s become a running joke around here, and I doubt I’ve seen a full episode of any TV show for a number of years now!

    • TV isn’t too bad for me in that regard. But reading just kills any impulse to stay awake. Doesn’t matter how much I’m enjoying the book. Maybe I should read smuttier stuff. It might keep me more alert.

  5. The afternoon nap is a real pleasure…wash up after lunch, toddle out onto the balcony and recline in the arms of Morpheus.
    And then one of the dogs will decide to wake me up to see if I’m still alive…

  6. Napping is indeed great and good. But Blondie was ravishing. Both good things about being Dagwood.

    • I also had a special place in my heart for the gorgeous Blondie. How did Dagwood get her? If you ever look at very early offerings of Blondie you can see her in her flapper incarnation in the early 1930s. She appeared on the scene as a kind of bimbo named Blondie Boopadoop.

  7. I am lucky that I can take a nap about 95% of the time I want to. For the past 6 months or so, when I feel nappy, I put teeth-whitening strips on my teeth, set the oven clock timer for 30 minutes, turn the TV to either Turner Classic Movies or HGTV at very low volume and lie on the couch and BOOM I am out. The timer goes off, I wake up all freshy and with better teeth. I kill two birds with one nap. Viva la petit somme! (I bet that’s not right.)

  8. Unfortunately my naps are only on weekends. but nothing is as great as a good nap.

    And Geewits was almost right: Vive le petit somme.

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