Stompin’ at the Savoy with good old Bev. Got a problem with that, peasant?

There’s been a lot of discussion lately about entitlement obsession in this country and how some groups and individuals think they are deserving of more candies than the average schmo (like me) because of what they do (which isn’t what I do) which is deemed (in the constipated minds of the power-brokers: read ‘politicians’) worthier than schmo-work.

No, I’m not talking about chronically fretting school teachers – though I could. Oh man, could I. No, not ‘all’ teachers. Lots of them work very hard and suffer a lot of stresses. I’m talking about ‘those ones’, and all good teachers know who ‘those ones’ are.

But, I’m actually talking about those in the upper echelons of the corridors of power – just to mix metaphors all over the place.

Take the case of this federal cabinet minister, one Bev Oda (rhymes with ‘Yoda’) who, on a junket to London, decided the crappy old five-star hotel they booked her into was too seedy so she upgraded to the Savoy. Also five star, but bigger and brighter stars, it seems. I’ve walked past the Savoy – just before being ordered to “move along” by a beat bobby – and it does look remarkably five star. Champagne in the toilet tanks I believe. I could stay there the very moment pigs sprout wings. That’s OK. My money went to Bev’s right to stay there and have a $15 room service orange juice. Good to hear she’s keeping her vitamin C quotient high.

Anyway, Ms. Yoda felt it was her right to stay at the Savoy because – well – maybe she wouldn’t get found out and she is, after all, a privileged person who is on (what is called in polite circles) the public tit, and therefore, she is ‘entitled’.

And who is it gonna hurt, and how are they ever gonna know? Turns out they did and, public tit notwithstanding, her own nipple is now in the wringer. No, wait, I don’t want to think about that image. Forget I wrote it.

And with Ms. Yoda, and others of her ilk, if they’ve sat long enough in them old corridors, then they’ll get a pension (thanks to me and others like me) that will resemble the GDP of Dubai. Shall I mention the pension they deem me to be worthy of? No? Just as well.

Despite there having been fairly notable revolutions in France and Russia, both of which had designs to end such ‘First and Second Estate’ privilege, it still goes on and we continue to pay the tab.

Do I think Ms. Yoda should be sacked? Well, that’s moot, but of course it won’t happen. And, if you kick her in the ass, there are a lot of other ass-kickings that should be going on. But, isn’t it interesting how those who make the rules are the ones rewarded most handsomely.

Canadians (especially) hold on to a farcical lie that suggests we are all equal and any sort of two-tiering is unacceptable. Excuse me, that assertion gave me a great need to use the bathroom.

Be back soon.


9 responses to “Stompin’ at the Savoy with good old Bev. Got a problem with that, peasant?

  1. Well said! As least Yoda never booked into the closest 5 star cave

  2. How about someone on a charity board doing likewise?

  3. For all the railings about fiscal restraint, I can see that it has never been applied to anyone above the rank of us lowly peons. I wonder why that is… :/

    • I think, Linda, because they have no fear of it ever been applied so it gives them carte blanche. And I think, having talked to the odd politico in my career, they actually believe they are so entitled.

  4. And in this, the US and Canada have things in common…


  5. Ah yes, the pension I’m giving them, while scrabbling to put aside enough money to perhaps, eventually, one day, maybe, if all goes well, possibly retire. That pension. Fuckers.

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