And then the pretty lady cop provocatively put her tongue in my ear

I had a dream the other night that I really quite liked. Not only did I like it, but also I remembered it, and still do a few days later. Personally I don’t believe dreams have much ‘meaning’, but if dreams are meant to have meaning, this one might have. Don’t have a clue what the meaning might be, however.

Now, I’ll preface this by saying that I generally hate hearing about other people’s dreams, but I’ll mention mine because it’s leading to a premise of sorts.

So, there is this traffic accident and a car has gone off the road and out of sight into the bush near my childhood home as it was back then, and the car then explodes. Then police come. For some reason it’s decided that I must be the ‘go-to’ person with this incident. A female cop – quite beautiful she was – speaks to me. She rubs up closely to me and tells me she wants me to fill out the accident report. She asks me to do this in a very suggestive voice, and then tells me to bring it to her later and we can go over it together. She then, prior to departing, sticks her tongue in my ear. The overt gesture has the desired effect.

And then, of course, I $#@&& wake up so I never do have that later encounter with her. By the way, I am a bit of a sucker for women in uniform and I like to think of them wearing flimsy little and uber-feminine undies beneath their starched and rigid tunics. That’s as an aside.

But, what happened is exactly what infuriates me about dreaming. I might add that I dream a great deal.

But dreams are frustrating. They are frauds. They offer promises and then  leave a person with false hopes and if the dream has been vivid enough, that nasty feeling can permeate one’s consciousness the next day. Sometimes for a number of days.

For example, over the years I’ve had a number of dreams about a reunion with my estranged stepdaughter – something I’d love to have happen. OK, so that’s the reason for the dream – you know unfulfilled desire. So she comes to me in a dream and she is sweet and friendly and says how much she wants us to renew our connection. And then, at that precise moment, she must do something, but she promises we will link up later and it will be good.

You know the rest, if you’re a dreamer. It never happens. I never reconnect and then I awaken and my disappointment is almost palpable.

That’s why I hate dreams – they never fulfill their obligations.




7 responses to “And then the pretty lady cop provocatively put her tongue in my ear

  1. Dreams are rarely prescient. (Cor, I hope I used the correct word!) As “Fly” says, luckily.

    I think they are more about “processing”, bringing coherence between inner and outer lives. That your dreams are… unfulfilled means only that the living of them has been unfulfilled. If there is a nasty feeling, what of it? Why does it matter so much to you? Why should a dream sequence complete according to your desires?

    On the other hand, dreams can present possibilities for future development that have been otherwise unconsidered during your awake hours.

    On the third hand… Is the car important in the dream or the crashing of it? Is the explosion (fire?) important? What about the authority figure? Female/cop/sex/paperwork? Jung would have a wonderful time… 🙂

    • Well, Linda, I’d rather leave it to Jung than Freud. Personal bias. I love your last paragraph about elements of importance in my life, like sex and paperwork. Both in their own way, but one more charmingly than the other. Have you ever had a dream guide you to future considerations? I’m trying to think whether I have. Good topic for our next tete-a-tete

  2. I have really vivid dreams and I remember most of them too, but I agree with Rakkasa in that they’re just your brain processing and trying to put some sense into unrelated thoughts and occurrences. It sure is fun to try and figure out what they “mean”, though!

  3. I agree with you on this point and I’ve never put too much stock in them in context with real life. Except, I think, in terms of wishes, as in my wanting to be reunited with my step-daughter and in the dreams I’ve always ended up frustrated, because that’s like real life in that regard.

  4. I’m sorry you have unfulfilled desire dreams. That must be frustrating and tiresome. At least you aren’t waking up right in the middle of a battle with evil space aliens when the fate of the world rests in your next moves. I wonder if the aliens won?

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