A highly personal testament of love

As have many people, I have made a number of foolish decisions in my life.

Decisions Like:

–         Investing money in the market rather than stuffing it away in a sock under my mattress.

–         Believing that ‘just one more drink’ wouldn’t hurt.

–         Thinking that a brief ‘non-serious’ liaison (it’s OK, it was many years ago) with another guy’s wife was a good idea.

–         Assuming that nobody ever broke a tooth eating peanut brittle.

–         Telling myself I didn’t need to study for a literature exam since I ‘knew all that there was to know’. Shameful admission, I once flunked a freshman lit exam. Fortunately, it wasn’t the final.

–         Telling myself that now, because I am so wise, that I’ll never make further mistakes or misjudgments.

But, there is one decision that was jointly made in this household that was no mistake whatsoever, and that was the acquisition of Max, our beautiful wonder dog.

From the day he arrived, notably underweight, riddled with worms, apprehensive as hell due to his time in the shelter and his prior abandonment, we’ve never looked back.

He’s been a blessing in this household. Even of disposition, friendly, quiet, outgoing, and amazingly beautiful to behold. Really he is. I’ve said to people that I sometimes wish I’d had Max when I was single because he adores female humans and draws them easily into his lair, so charming is he in manner, and so friendly. And he likes ‘ladies’ more than he likes men. Just who he is. And I confess I understand that.

So, recently it behooved me to want to capture Max for posterity by painting a picture of him. I was apprehensive because I wanted to do him justice.

I selected a favorite photo as the model inspiration. It was taken a little over a year ago at the beach in Bandon, Oregon. Max loves the beach and he is looking seaward at a spot that is one of our favorites on that state’s lovely coastline.

In the photo (and subsequent painting) you cannot see his face. That’s OK. His pose captures the essence of him. That was what I wanted. And what I wanted was the feeling of anticipation in him just prior to tearing down the bank and onto the sand below.

And, by golly, I think I got it. I got the ‘essence’ of Max in the completed painting. I was wary and I strove to be completely at ease with the result.

For me, I succeeded. It may not be an award-winning painting but it is a testament to a dog I have come to love dearly and who is a reflection of a blessed life-decision.

So, I’ll run the painting again. For those who’ve already seen it on Facebook, you’ll just have to indulge me once more.


16 responses to “A highly personal testament of love

  1. I love Max. Never met him, but when I do I know we’ll get on like a house on fire.

  2. I love Max also. Your tribute to him is great. I used to live in that lovely state of Oregon. Many happy memories of Bandon, I know that view. Paint more for us please..

    • Thank you, Mary and I appreciate your compliment. Yes Oregon is a fabulous state and I can never get enough of it on a visit. I will paint more and I told Max you love him. He smiled.

  3. You know how much I love that painting. I want to run down that beach with Max. Lucky boy.

  4. I love this painting. You can tell by the set of his ears, the way he seems to lean forward, how intensely interested and “game” he is.

    Very nice.


    • Thank you, Miss Pearl. I always appreciate a compliment from you. And yeah I think I captured Max’s mood of that moment. That’s why I liked the image.

  5. Great job, Big Brother! But tell me: how does Max himself like the painting?

  6. I love this…you{ve caught him just at that moment when he’s thinking…
    Yes! I’m off!

  7. Makes me miss MY wonder-pooch… and wish I could paint. 🙂

  8. Beautiful, Ian…I wish you many more happy years together.

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