I may be guilty of a few of the 7 Deadly Sins, but envy isn’t one of them

For all of the flaws in my personal makeup – and there are one or two that I at least choose to recognize – one affliction I have never suffered from is envy.

It’s true. I have no desire to trade places with anybody on the planet

Well, maybe with Kate Winslet’s partner (if there is one, I don’t keep up on this stuff) for just one evening – but that’s about it.

There are skills and talents that I wouldn’t mind having more of, and there are skills and talents I can see in others that I admire, but I do not want to be that person. I do not want to exchange my life; such as it is, with that of another.

In honesty, I have never understood envy. My life assuredly isn’t perfect. Like many others I go through, depending on my mood of the day, feelings of insecurity, neurosis, self-pity, frustration, anxiety, rejection, hypochondria, fear, panic, misdirected lust, rage, crankiness, bitchiness, short-sightedness, longing, loneliness, isolation, failure, stupidity, wariness, shyness, horniness, jumpiness, clumsiness, talentlessness, emotional infidelity, and so on and so on and so on. But into that mix there is no mention of envy. The reason being that I, as a moderately functional person am, in those aforementioned flaws not much worse than the average bear, have no desire to exchange my life with that of another, regardless of how charmed that person’s life may be.

While it’s true that it might be wonderful to do that horizontal tango with Kate or any one of a number of other women, and it might be agreeable to go out to my porte cochere and climb into my new Bentley convertible, or to be staying at the Ritz in Paris, or the Savoy in London, but ultimately sex is sex, a car is just a car, and a hotel room is a hotel room and as long as it’s vermin-free and there aren’t questionable stains on the mattress, does it make a lot of difference.

Because, if I was to exchange my life with that of another, I would also have to pick up that person’s baggage. His bizarre childhood, his insecurities, his addictions, his fears, his health concerns, and all manner of other stuff.

I have all the negatives I mentioned, but I also have my talents – maybe not great ones but agreeable ones – and my home, my relationship, my history, my drama, and I kind of like the theatre of my own life and want to see how it will play out in the long haul.

There’s stuff that needs fixing and I know I’m up for that because I’ve done it in the past. And there are other things that either will be fixed, or explored, or sheer idleness on my part will keep me from addressing those.

That’s OK, too since it’s my idleness.


5 responses to “I may be guilty of a few of the 7 Deadly Sins, but envy isn’t one of them

  1. I’ve always wanted to be taller, perhaps six feet tall. 5″9″ is okay but six would be just right.

  2. I just don’t have the energy to envy others. Cause really, they may be beautiful, they may have oodles of money, but in the end they surely have their problems too.

  3. Love, love, love this post!

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