Phew! Don’t get me wrong, but I’m glad that’s over

At the risk of sounding like the world’s most appallingly negative curmudgeon, I can only breathe an exhalation of relief that the Olympics are over yet again.

I felt the same way when Vancouver’s were over a couple of years ago.

Nothing against the efforts mounted by the athletes. Good for you, boys and girls. Some of you won and some of you didn’t win. That’s the nature of competition.

Certainly nothing against host city London. London is my favorite ‘big’ city in the world and I am so happy it worked out well for them and for Mayor Boris, the biggest booster of an event. Boris for PM. If I were a Brit, that’d work for me.

I am also infinitely happy that nothing in the realm of international ass-buggery by terrorists transpired during the fortnight. And I am happy that Romney’s negative comments at the outset were shown to be the same sort of bullshit as would be found in his tax returns. He probably put more thought into those, however. You don’t get to keep your trillions and share nothing if you are anything short of wily – with God on your side, of course.

So, if I feel such a positive afterglow, why am I happy the Olympics are over?

–         We don’t have to hear any dictatorial crappola from the IOC for a couple of years. God, there are Middle Eastern autocracies that could learn from the IOC in terms of controlling absolutely everything that transpires under its auspices.

–         TV programming can get back to its normal lack of inspiration without being dominated by events of dubious worth for broadcasting.

–         Newspapers can get back to profiling real people rather than athletes. Jocks, God love ‘em, may be good at what they do, but they are generally remarkably boring and single-focused people. Run a good race, but I don’t care what you eat or how inspiring your parents and coaches were.

–         Stop making excuses for my own country. At least with BBC and NBC having sewn up the coverage, we didn’t get too much in the way of feeds on our own boys and girls. For those from here who did well, great, I am happy for you. But, as a nation we generally do really crappy in the summer Olympics (we’re better in the winter ones) and then we make excuses for why we came in 374th among nations, or something like that. Those excuses mainly involve arguments decrying the fact we don’t shovel even more money into amateur athletics as if there aren’t other problems that just may need addressing.

–         Crummy refereeing. These Olympics have been noteworthy for highly, highly questionable calls and decisions. T’was ever thus, but it’s still really galling, like the nonsense dumped on the Canadian soccer players, for example.

–         Dubious events: all sorts of so-called ‘sports’ that aren’t really sports in the true Olympic tradition. Babes beach volleyball? Fun to watch (though not for athletic prowess) as an international spectacle of T&A. Water polo? Can you conceive of anything more stupid to try to watch? Nobody really knows what they’re doing. So, if these are sports, why not marbles, jacks, pool shooting and hopscotch? Just sayin’ Take it back to the early days so that genuine athletes can do their stuff.

Oh, there is likely more, but suffice it to say I am happy that the world can return to its regular crises now.




16 responses to “Phew! Don’t get me wrong, but I’m glad that’s over

  1. We’re in the same boat, Ian. Hordes of dissenters will probably want to blow us out of the water, so I suggest we pack a picnic and paddle up a quiet little river til they stop baying…:-)

  2. I’m in such a good mood I’m happy to let you moan on. As an original sceptic who thought the Games were nothing but a waste of space, I’m delighted to be proved so, so wrong.

    It’s proved to have been a marvelous re-awakening of our sense of who we are and self worth. The Games have turned our island into Prospero’s isle of enchantment. Where for a moment all disharmony and strife has been silenced and we have found our voice in the roar of the crowd.

  3. Many, many jokes flew between Lithus and me about how much better Canada would be come the winter showing. I think he’s just pleased there was a medal count at all. As for NBC and Mitt…I hang my head in shame. *shame*

    • It’s OK BP, I don’t hold you personally responsible for Mitt. Yeah, Canada with its sucky one gold medal and a million excuses. But it’s true. We do perform better in the winter events.

  4. Wow. You really are clueless about sports.

  5. What did Romney say?
    You know the only thing I saw of the Olympics is Usain Bolt’s 100m. And only because I was at a friend’s house and she wanted to watch it. So I saw under 10 seconds of the Olympics – plus the same 10 seconds in slo-mo a couple of times.

  6. No cricket, nor rugby, no great interest…

  7. I guess neither of those sports is deemed ‘international’ enough.

  8. I’m glad it gave people stuff to do, those who participated (and trained and trained and trained…) and those who watched. I’ve been too busy to bother with either. :/

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