Nighttime garb is a waste of fabric

Does Ian sleep in the nude? — is one of those questions you’ve probably never asked yourself.

But just in case,  yes I do.

There, that’s one of those things that arguably falls into the category of TMI, or possibly even WTMI, depending on your sensibilities. But, fear not, I’m not going to go and get all depraved about it.

Whatever your views on such matters, I do sleep in the buff, not (necessarily) for any questionable reasons, but because I find it more comfortable. I have found it to be so since I was about 14. It is still my favorite mode, unless it is really chilly. Pajamas tend to bunch up, nightshirts are affected (in my esteem, I mean, who do these people think they are? Ebenezer Scrooge?), and sleeping in one’s undies is just a little on the gross side, somehow.

PJ’s definitely do not sit well with me, and I do not understand their virtues. Psychiatrists attest you can tell a great deal about a person by his or her mode of sleep garb, or lack thereof. I like to think that nude slumberers are free-spirits, comfortable with their bodies, and sensualists. Jammy wearers, on the other hand, are a little more inhibited about the whole business. But, even among them, there are styles and modes that reveal much. If I were to wear PJs, it would be the basic kind, you know, with a shirt top, and drawstring pants. Ski pajamas, on the other hand, are just plain awful. I don’t care if you wear them, they’re still plain awful, on men at least. Actually a woman can wear almost anything in terms of nighttime attire and I can be charmed. But, I charm pretty easy. My father wore ski pajamas – old ski pajamas – and I am amazed, his attire considered, that my mother agreed to bear three children by this man, just due to his nocturnal sartorial tastes.

My late father-in-law, who was one of the most tense, anal, uptight, puritanical, hypocritical, passive-aggressive controlling people I’ve every known (no, he and I did not get along all that well) used to wear regular PJs, but buttoned to the neck, and with the top tucked into the pants. Somehow, that was a perfect ensemble for his temperament.

As far as females of my intimate acquaintance have been concerned, as I suggested almost anything is pleasing to me, all the way from elaborate peignoir outfits, to filmy Frederick’s of Hollywood negligees, to nothing whatsoever. But, females in jammies are cute as buttons often, too. I always thought it was kind of adorable how in old movies the girls always wore pajama tops and nothing else. Especially if they were striped, silk pajama tops.

Something you don’t see much any more is ‘baby dolls’. They were inspired by the controversial 1956 film of the same name, based on one of those invariably steamy Tennessee Williams plays. Essentially the story revolved around an ‘infantalized’ but grown up girl who slept in a crib, sucked her thumb and wore, yes, baby doll pajamas. Despite the nature of a film that would appeal most to those with such fetishistic tastes, the fashion caught on like wildfire with even the most innocent of teen girls. And, for an adolescent, they were cute. For an adult woman they were a bit on the silly side, in my esteem, and not quite as sexy as they were intended to be.

But, whatever your tastes in sleep garb, or lack thereof, may you always have pleasant dreams


6 responses to “Nighttime garb is a waste of fabric

  1. Hmmm dunno what type of person I am then. I used to wear something to bed (short sleeved T in the summer, long sleeved in the winter) and still do sometimes. Nowadays I sleep mostly in the nude simply because with all this menopausal crap going on I tend to be much warmer than I used to… But when I do wear something, it’s an extra large t-shirt and nothing else.

  2. I sleep sans clothing as well. Except in hotels. More than once I’ve been woken by a hotel alarm in the wee hours, frantic that I would not find clothes before the fire fighters burst through the door.

    • And you look well in that, Jane. No, folks, really I don’t know. Last time we were in England we were rousted from two different hotels due to fire alarms in the wee smalls and, I’ll tell you, I had to grab my wee smalls and a few other items so that I could exit to the street at 3 am. No fire in either case. Butr I take your point.

  3. I tend to be panties only. When I do wear pajamas ~ on the road, I am often sharing space with helicrew ~ it’s boxer shorts and tank tops. Regardless, when I go from one to the other, in either direction, the first night after the swap over, I don’t sleep as well. And yes, the whole perimenopause thing has me kicking everything off and finding the spot on the bed closest to the a.c., as well, so all bets are off on those nights, regardless of who might see me.

    • I like your ensemble. The whole thing is to be practical and comfortable, and living in your climate I expect it’s essential. Even when traveling I tend to shuck garments. It’s so alien to me by now to sleep with anything on.

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