A fine romance, my friends this is

So, Gen. David Petraeus likes himself a bit of unauthorized skirt it seems.

I, who have never looked with wanton thought at a woman with lust in my heart or loins other than my wife, confess to being shocked. Shocked, I tell you.

Hmm, why did my nose just grow three inches?

Come on, people. Such things happen and nobody can offer anything about ‘why’ other than opinion. Maybe our Davy grew tired of a wife whose helmet hairstyle reminded him too much of the troops in Afghanistan.

I’m sorry. That’s not kind and I have no idea why he looked for nookie between somebody else’s sheets and gams. With two different brunettes that looked a bit alike. At least some accounts hold that to be true. Well, not to put too fine a point on it, but he’s a soldier, for heaven’s sake. Sometimes soldiers in combat seek solace in some warm arms away from home. I mean, does everybody think that their married dads, uncles, spouses and other related male kin (or female, for that matter) was resolutely faithful in World War Two, Korea, Vietnam, Iraq or Afghanistan.

If they were then they were, I’ll frankly suggest they are better folk than I am. No, a business trip to Vancouver from here doesn’t readily suggest combat zone, so I couldn’t use that one. Not saying that I ever tried to use it, y’understand.

But really, Gen. Petraeus voluntarily gave himself the boot from his position and an indignant, not to mention self-righteous chorus rang out saying: “Well, I should think so!”

Yeah, I mean, if he couldn’t keep it in his pants how could he lead troops into battle, not to mention bossing the CIA?

I suspect they thought the same about philandering Ike back in World War Two. “Bring Eisenhower home, he’s getting it on with his jeep driver. Screw D-Day, we just cannot trust a man who would step out on Mamie.”

Oh, and JFK. Well let’s not even go there. His bed collapsed due to the notches on the headboard, according to rumor. Bill Clinton was only following the precedent set by Jack – and Ike – and LBJ – and FDR, Harding and maybe even Lincoln as far as anybody knows.

In that regard Europeans absolutely do not ‘get’ North Americans (and believe me Canadians are very much like Americans in terms of moralizing about bad behavior) and find our attitudes amusing and bemusing.

Your average French person is kind of Taoist about it all, as in “merde happens” in the best regulated families.

I can picture them sitting around, quaffing a bit of Beaujolais and puffing countless Galoises and offering “Zut allors, zose Americains, so self-righteous back ‘ome, but you should ‘ave seen zem during la guerre. Sacre bleu!”

On other words, they don’t get too out of shape over sins-of-the-flesh as has been evidenced by all their bosses including the current one in terms of conflict between wife and mistress.

I am not saying Petraeus’s behavior was commendable, but I am asking what in hell it had to do with his gig at the CIA. Maybe we should learn to compartmentalize a little more and learn to spell hypocrisy.


6 responses to “A fine romance, my friends this is

  1. Not commendable maybe, but his sleeping with someone other than his wife doesn’t make him incompetent on the job. I just don’t get what the problem is and why he should resign. It makes no sense at all to me. Maybe it’s all those french genes i carry.

  2. I don’t know why the U.S. is all a-twitter about it. Big surprise: powerful men have powerful faults. In my opinion, the only one that needs to be concerned about this is his wife.


    • Indeed she should b concerned and I think probably needs to show him the door. Otherwise, why does anybody care what others do with their naughty bits. I loved that old bit of doggerel that went: “As I grow older and older and totter towards the tomb. I find that I care less and less who goes to bed with whom.”

  3. Convenient way to avoid explanations about Benghazi, perhaps?
    General Allen doesn’t seem to be getting the same flack.

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