To persist in my craft or sullen art, or not? A difficult question

history-blogging3I’m on the horns of a dilemma here. The year is coming to an end and, provided the Mayans were wrong, we will soon be moving into 2013. You probably already noticed that.

So, what I am wrestling with at the moment – aside from all those baser instincts that I kind of enjoy containing to wrestle with, just to see who wins – is whether or not I want to keep running my blog in the new year.

As it is, I’ve been making comment blogwise for about eight years now and can honestly say I have loved the process.

Prior to that I was a newspaper columnist and that goes back to the late 1970s – sorry to admit that timeframe and I do think I’m remarkably well-preserved – and I have lived and breathed my ‘words’ and thoughts throughout. And, frankly, I’ve loved every semicolon of the process of setting some thoughts in place. And, more importantly, offering some thoughts that others might respond to either with delight, arousal (it can happen and it did and I’ll say no more), or sheer nausea.

After I left the paper and no longer had that regular column I latched onto the concept of blogging. Not only could I continue to write, I could interact with folks at a much more direct level.

I must preface all of this – and nothing like injecting a preface when you are well into a thought – by saying that ‘writing’ is what I do. It is as vital to me as breathing, eating, sleeping, peeing and making love once in a while – well, depend on how badly I have to pee, of course. If I am not writing I get fretful. I actually suffer a sort of withdrawal. That’s why this question is so important to me.

So, I got me my little blog and what a trip. I could express myself without feat of censorship, and so I did. The added bonus was that I met a lot of wonderful people along the way. Some of them I have interacted with at a personal level, and others I would like to someday. Those whom I haven’t met have become email friends and I know I’d like them. Some indeed I like so much I virtually adore and would like to have a family with them if I weren’t already quite happily connected in that realm.

The majority of my blogger connections are female. This wasn’t by design, it just happened and I am not complaining for a second. I think this is probably because females are more comfortable with – and better at, I’ll concede – writing about the minutiae of life with whimsy and honesty. Some of my contacts can actually make me scream with their humor or wince with their honesty.

At the same time, I have been through personal pain with my blogger contacts, through loss, and even through the death of a particular favorite of mine.

My blog people are very much part of who I am.

Yet, times change and processes change. Whereas a blog might once have invited commentary by 15, 20 or more people, the old traffic has diminished a lot. Sometimes just one or two comments, sometimes none. That’s OK. I write for ‘me’ and hope somebody else gets something out of it. Yeah, there is a little ego involved. I’d be less than honest if I suggested otherwise. But, my ego involvement isn’t my motivation for writing. I know there are many others who read me who also don’t make comment. I read blogs but leave no comment, so I cannot be a hypocrite about the matter. And there are other bloggers whom I really like and I just don’t get around to visiting very often.

So, my debate now is whether or not to keep it all up in the new year or, like some other things in my life, booze, overeating, heavy smoking, a couple of marriages, just lay it to rest.

If I were to do that, how best to approach it? Rigorous cold turkey? Or gradually easing-off? Or just continuing with it?

I have not yet reached a conclusion.

21 responses to “To persist in my craft or sullen art, or not? A difficult question

  1. Prithee, sir, continue… if I have any say in the matter… 🙂

  2. You said it, Linda. I don’t often comment, but you often hit a nerve. Thank you.

  3. Hey Big Brother, I am also pondering the same question: to blog or not to blog. My posts are getting less and less frequent, and I don’t have that “Oh, I’ve GOT to write about that!” moment nearly as much as I used to. I’m commenting on other blogs less and less, too. I don’t know. Maybe it’s genetic – our Eastern sister seems to be wrestling with the notion too. I don’t know what I’ll end up doing. But I have to say that I’d like you to continue. I’d just miss you too damn much if you were gone!

    • My sweet and lovely sister, thank you. But, I feel the same about you so I’d be very sorry if you stopped yours. You have both wonderful honesty and a great ability to let people get to know you via the blog route. So, hang around, dear. Sometime you, Jazz and I should have a family reunion. Wouldn’t that be fun?

  4. Are you sure you really have a choice?

  5. As one who has recently retreated from blogging due to life’s demands, I would say you should do what makes sense for you. Perhaps you need some new projects or sources of stimulation to re-ignite your passion for writing…

    Best of luck with whatever you decide. I will miss you if you go.

  6. Keep going fellow hack!

  7. I wrestle with this one, too. Every now and then, I think I’m stopping. I’ll go for a while without posting ~ and then end up coming back. At my height, I was getting 20-30 comments a post and screamingly more hits. Now, eh…a comment or two, maybe, and a dozen or two hits. But the people I *know* are reading, even if they aren’t commenting, I want to write to. So, I keep blogging. I’m going to write something, somewhere. Might as well stay put, keep it all in one place, and, if someone wants to join in, great. If not, one day I’ll have it all to look back on and smile.

    Keep blogging. We just found each other, after all.

    • We did just find each other and I love your wisdom and wit and style and wouldn’t want to lose that. So I’ll stay if you do. You’re a nice person to be in touch with.

  8. I should be disappointed and saddened if you were to stop.

  9. I have seen a great many blogs which I truly enjoy reading go by the wayside in recent years, and I am being honest when I say that it makes me sad, and sometimes I feel even abandoned. Here I am, reading your words, and I feel like I get to know you a little bit. I look forward to coming back and seeing what new things you are talking about. Then, one day, there is nothing new. The next day, nothing. I wait a week and come back, and still, nothing. I want to cry! What I’m trying to say is this: Please don’t go! There are a great many blogs on offer online, but a real shortage of those which are worth a damn, and this is one of those that is worth a damn. Thank you for your efforts, Candace in Reno, NV

    • Thank you, Candace. I am genuinely touched by your comments. I appreciate being appreciated and knowing I’m not writing into a vacuum, which it sometimes feels like.

  10. The other by-product I forgot to mention is the new blogs I have met through yours, as well as FB friends of yours whom I enjoy, Mr. L, and I agree, you probably don’t really have a choice!

  11. don’t stop now ,just when i’ve managed to re
    connect with you after all these years i’ve been meaning to comment ,particularly to the one about fathers and remembrance day.we do need to go for a coffee when i get back .

  12. As we get closer to the end of the year, I have realized how much I would miss your blog of you decided to stop. Please keep going!

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