Would you vote for this woman, or did you have something else in mind?

christy-clark-tits-milfOf all the elements of political insanity in this province, the weirdest one has to be debate over the ‘MILF-ness’ of our premier. I’m not about to explain what the acronym MILF stands for. If you don’t know already, you don’t deserve to know

The situation in a nutshell involved Ms. Christy Clark being asked by a caller to a local radio station if she liked being a MILF. She, undaunted by the impertinent query by somebody with too much time on his hands, and could you imagine such a query having been made of, say, Margaret Thatcher? Just sayin’, replied that she took it as a compliment and that she’d rather be a MILF than a Cougar. (Johnny Carson cymbal rim-shot here). Oh, and message to young bucks, she doesn’t want to do it with you

Anyway, what she probably thought was a droll parrying of the dumbfuck question has now fomented an undeserved stream of controversy, and her critics assert that such an attitude is obviously why she cannot attract female voters to her cause. Especially female voters with zero sense-of-humor. I mean, come on. It was kind of droll.

Now Christy, desperately trying to hold onto a self-destructing government might have reconsidered her words. Or, she might have thought, “even though you are attempting to insult me, asshole, I’m not biting.” Admirable in its own way, and would have been considered a laugh-riot if it had been uttered by a male

I met Christy (pardon me, Premier Clark) a number of years ago and long before she was premier. She was here to speak at some party function or other. We had a nice chat. I thought she was friendly, pretty, seemingly smart, but I must confess that never once did the thought of separating her from her undies cross my mind – and I have been known, I confess, to having had such thoughts about other women I’ve met – because what I was mainly thinking was “your dad used to be one of my high school teachers.”  Such a connectedness injects a little saltpeter into wayward thoughts and/or impulses.

So, for those who would criticize Christy for her MILF comment, or even her MILF-ness as perceived by some, would they set the same standards for male politicians? Are females in public life to deny they have genitals that they actually might consider using for an intimate function? Males get away with it. Clinton was a horndog and JFK had a stream of babes that spread back forever. Sure, their carnal shenanigans caused a bit of controversy but I don’t suspect male and/or female voters stayed away in droves as a consequence of their carnal activities. Not so

There is much that the premier of this fine province can be criticized for, and should be. But perhaps violation of the ‘double-standard’ should not be one of them.

8 responses to “Would you vote for this woman, or did you have something else in mind?

  1. I must have missed the entire MILF controversy. I have to give kudos to the premier for laughing off such an assinine, inappropriate question the way that she did. It all falls down to the double standard people seem to set for female politicians; I doubt any reporter would have asked Gordon Campbell if he liked being thought of as a FILF when he was premier.

    • Really valid point that a male politician wouldn’t have been asked and the question was rude and insulting, and I still say, good for her. As for Gordo, I gather not a few babes crossed his path when he was preem, but it was never asked.

  2. It’s the no-win. If she makes the joke, she’s being inappropriate. If she refuses to rise to the insulting question, she has no sense of humor and can’t take a joke. *sigh*

    • Exactly as you say, my friend. That’s why I think she handled it well and who knows, maybe a hint of bawdiness night even serve her well. I’m putty in the hands of a woman with a good wit.

  3. I think she handled it pretty well and showed she does have a sense of humour about stupid things. However, I really don’t see this as a “News” story, it’s simply fluf at a slow news time.

    • Indeed it is a doldrums time in the news biz, I know from experience, and the media will grab on to what they can. I too think she handled it well and with humor. I give her full marks for her response to an asinine question.

  4. Oh ferchrissake! That question would never be asked of a man! And how’s she supposed to answer that? if she jokes, it won’t go over, if she tells the guy he’s an asshat, she has not sense of humor.

    It’s 2012 people, set the double standard to rest!!!

    • Your points are absolutely right. And no, the question wouldn’t have been asked of a man. I think it was stupid and I blame the station for even countenancing it as an acceptable quesetion. Personally, I like the way she responded.

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