I’m having very distinct food cravings, yet I know I’m not pregnant

liver-and-onionsKnow what I have a yen for right now?

No, not that. Well, maybe … No, that is a different subject. What I was thinking of was liver.

Not my own. I’ve treated it with a certain amount of respect since I stopped drinking so, damn it, it ‘owes’ me.

No, I mean liver of the ‘offal’ not ‘awful’ kind – though there are misguided souls that consider liver a vile foodstuff.

Not me. Some beef liver with grilled onions, bacon and mashed potatoes is close to heaven for me; especially after all the fancyass Christmas stuff one has been consuming. I crave simple meals.

And you can’t get more simple than liver. It’s truly basic grub. Some might even call it guts, but it’s not. That would come under the tripe category.

Unless it’s with kidneys. I mean, really? Kidneys? As my late and lamented mother-in-law used to comment about preparing kidneys: “First off, you boil the piss out of them.”

And, yeah, I guess that’s what you do. I mean, kidneys are the primary elements of the water-works of you and me and the cow we took them from.

But, I love them, And I don’t boil them. I merely sauté them in butter and then in the last few minutes inject them into a stew or a pie and I find them heavenly.

I’ve also done the English breakfast thing of grilled kidneys on toast. Not so bad.

But, steak and kidney pie (or ‘kate and sydney’ pie, as my mom called it) is sheer ambrosia. My love for it also evinces my Anglo-Saxon heritage because the Brits are always eating crap like bubble-and-squeak, toad-in-the-hole, spotted dick, and blood pudding (which has absolutely nothing to do with dessert).

And that was why they beat Napoleon and Hitler. I mean, Napoleon. Frogs legs and slugs? You don’t win wars on amphibians and land-borne mollusks, everybody knows that. And on the German side, I suspect sauerkraut has defeated more Panzer brigades and Luftwaffes then any decent suet pudding.

OK, this is now getting a bit risible. But, I still have a craving for liver and onions.


5 responses to “I’m having very distinct food cravings, yet I know I’m not pregnant

  1. Mmmmm! Liver and Bacon. What could be better? I don!t remember the last time I ate liver and bacon. I will have to make up for lost time!

  2. LOL @ “boil the piss out of them”! It’s funny, because I am in LUST with chicken liver. Everyone “ewws” me when I make it, except my partner of course. She loves it. We both have a bit of anemia, so it helps us a lot. They’re very high in iron. But the one thing I cannot get past the smell of is beef liver. My parents used to make it with onions and mashed potatoes and every time I smelled it walking into the house, I would dry heave – not even exaggerating. I can eat some strange foods, but that beef liver, oof, I give you credit! But I will never “eww” you because of it. Don’t forget the fava beans and a nice chianti. 😉

    • Well, like you I love chicken liver, too, and pate and all the other great stuff? Ever make your own pate? But, we depart, it seems, with beef liver. Fava beans I’ve never thought of, but actually they’d go great.

  3. Shudder. Try as I might I can’t force myself to like liver. I find the texture totally disgusting both before and after it’s cooked. Ditto the kidneys. And pretty much all the other examples of “yummy” offal I’ve forced myself to eat. Not gonna happen when there’s all that other meat on the animal.

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