No more pennies from heaven for you and me

kaley‘So, if you hear it thundering, don’t run under a tree,

There’ll be pennies from heaven for you and me.”

This blog is intended as a kind of testament of remembrance.

Remembrance for the late and possibly once great Canadian Penny.

pennyThe reason for doing so, according to the government – so take that for what it’s worth but you can’t take it to the bank and expect pennies in return – is that the little copper discs were too expensive to produce and to turn out one actually costs more than a penny. The savings to the Ottawa fatcats will be $11 million per annum.

Well, come on. Eleven freakin’ million. That’s about the same as the average parliamentarian’s annual pension or the sum that was turned down by NHL hockey bozos.

But, you can’t argue with the minds that percolate in the town with the worst climate in the world.

So, what it all means is that as legal tender the penny is kaput. So, if something has a price list of $1.23 per lb (pardon, per kilogram, I keep forgetting this is Canada) it will from today be $1.25 (in both weight systems). If it is $1.22 or $1.21 it will then be a mere $1.20 until they jack the price up to $1.23 after a few hours so that they can nab 2 extra cents from you.

As much as I sometimes curse the wretched things – especially when I am at a till with Wendy and she insists rather than handing over a $10 bill for something that costs $2.25, that I utilize the 8 and a half pounds of change in my pocket. This invariably leads to me accidentally dumping a few hundred pennies on the floor and prompts the frustrated guy behind me to tap the sidearm he’s carrying as a warning.

That notwithstanding, and as I said, as much as I curse the penny, I’ll miss it. When I was a child, for example, you could get 3 jawbreakers for a penny; a nickel plus two of them would get you a Coke. In other words, in its day, it was currency.

And consider our mythology built around that humble coin:

–         the aforementioned ‘pennies from heaven’

–         in for a penny, in for a pound

–         penny-ante

–         penny carnival

–         look after your pennies and the dollars will care for themselves

–         penny-farthing bicycles – well, I guess they’re a bit passé, too.

–         Penny Lane

–         Spending a penny

And what of all the girls named Penny? Are they to change their names to Nickel? Just doesn’t work.

O, brave new world – sigh!

You’ll have to forgive the gratuitous photo of actress Kaley Cuoco at the top of the page. You see she plays ‘Penny’ on Big Bang Theory and she’s just a whole lot cuter than a plain old Canadian copper.


7 responses to “No more pennies from heaven for you and me

  1. A penny for your thoughts…guess we will be paying a nickel now.

  2. Your thoughts are priceless!

  3. We still use pennies and I am counting on mine…and I agree, your thoughts are priceless!

  4. I’m glad we’re finally doing away with the things. It’s high time, there’s absolutely no point to them except as extra weight in the bottom of my bag.

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