Stuff doesn’t stick in my craw like it used to

deadlikeme_06_134211907302I think I’ve reached the point where I’d rather stop raging against much of what I see around me. It’s a waste of time and energy.

George Carlin once mused that he had reached a certain mellowness about life at age 70 and decided then he wasn’t going to waste energy any longer by screaming invective at the shit-headedness he saw around himself. I like that attitude. It comes close to suggesting ‘wisdom.’ George Carlin, became a Wise Man rather than just being a wiseguy.

I think I’m going to work in that direction. would like that. I state in my blog profile about working to be a full-fledged curmudgeon. I don’t know that I want to do that any longer. It’s pointless and stressful. I’d like to be mellow of the type of mellowness that comes from no longer giving a damn about things I cannot change. I think I want to be Morgan Freeman (he seems mellow) rather than Lewis Black
Each morning I pick up the newspaper and I read something that pisses me off. In fact, I often read many things that piss me off. But, why expend energy on such negative thoughts? The world has always been ruled by assholes, so why did I think that would change during my lifetime? And, my rages and shaking of the fist haven’t made any fools mend their ways, so I think I’ll settle into a shrugging “oh well, WTF?.”

So, in that context, I have made a list of things I will no longer care about. Included in that list will be such former sources of concern as:

Rampant Political Correctness (or, when in doubt, use a euphemism): Way too many examples of this, such as the social-worker type woman who, in reference to a report I once authored on homelessness in my community, was displeased when I referred to the hardcore homeless as, well, ‘hardcore’. She didn’t like that. She wanted me to substitute ‘chronic’ homeless. I was going to point out that the adjectives are synonymous, but I refrained. Why argue with a moron? So I ignored the boneheadedness of the woman and that felt almost better than sex.

Ethnic sucking-up and Europhobia: Nothing that the white guys did after coming to North America was good. It was all evil and destructive of indigenous cultures. Well yeah, a lot of it was, and some of it wasn’t. But, history is the tale of a stronger group of folk quelling the aspirations of a weaker group of folk. May not have been very fair but shit happens.

Latterly there has been a great embracing of aboriginal culture in this country. Nothing wrong with that. Native Canadians got short shrift all over the place. But, nowhere has this become more apparent than with the feelgood brigade (and politicians who will seek a vote wherever they can) wanting to change place names to the ones that sit better with the native population. In other words, well over 90 percent of the population should defer to less than 10 percent of the population all in the name of some sort of ‘niceness’ that will maybe make those same people forget about being dumped off their land, having their children apprehended by the state and maybe disregarding the effects of such pinnacles of western culture as sugar and alcohol, or a Biblical interpretation that told them they were heathens and their beliefs were evil and pagan.

No, we’ll just change place names and Natives will be happy. Just so darn easy and nobody really has to address what maybe should be addressed. You know, some of the Idle No More big picture issues. So, Georgia Strait bacame the Salish Sea in the latest incarnation of this nonsense. Well, in the first place this is ultimately going to piss off all the non-Salish aboriginals in thee area, and secondly, it’s Orwellian historical manipulation.

Fine, thought I, do what you wish but be assured that to me it will always be Georgia Strait and I will never refer to it as anything else. Much as the Queen Charlotte Islands are to me the Queen Charlotte Islands, not Haida Gwai. If the Haida people want to call it that, it’s no skin off my nose. They can call the place ‘Fred’ if they choose, for all the difference it makes to me.Hey, I’m still having problems with metric.There’s only so far I can go.
In that context, I live in a place called Comox, which is the name of the native inhabitants in the area. I am quite content with Comox, and if somebody decided they want to change it to New Winchester, or something equally anglocentric, I’d be just as irritated.

Other people’s health: Item in the paper yesterday noting that there are now more tubboes in the world than starving people. Fatness is the new ‘famine’ and our obsession with our excessive avoirdupois has almost surpassed cigarettes as the great health evil of the known universe. Get this straight, folks, I don’t care if you want to take in 80,000 calories a day. It’s none of my business. Just don’t be sitting next to me next time I ride on an airplane. In other words, people make their own health choices and if they want to knock off three bottles of booze, a half carton of cigarettes and 2 chocolate cakes on a daily basis, why do I care? Honestly, I don’t.

Whoopee, we’re all gonna die: Of something. Disease, accident, crime, warfare, or maybe even our own stupidity. Regardless of how we look at it, life is a terminal disease.

There, doesn’t that make you feel better to know the Reaper always awaits regardless?


12 responses to “Stuff doesn’t stick in my craw like it used to

  1. I want to say that this is the best post that you have written, because it is wise, funny and cleverly crafted. You are reaching enlightenment, Grasshopper. I think one’s mental diet, especially upon rising, should begin with positive, powerful thoughts and yes, we need to be mindful over not continually judging others and being upset that they are not behaving the way we want them to. Clearly, you have already learned this.I love your blog and to this I say right on and write on.

  2. You were born just a little to early to successfully deal with metric.

    Just let it go too.

  3. Yes, we’re all going to die of something sooner or later.

    I like your Whoopee readin; I’ll add the lines “And it’s one, two, three, What are we fighting for? Don’t ask me, I don’t give a damn.”

    Yep, not giving a damn is the way to go!

  4. yes i’ve discovered that being in Baja with no tv or radio and only the occasional access to the internet that my being a news junkie is a total waste of my time because i cant do anything about anything anyway ,, so nice to be calm and mellow ,lets go fishing!

  5. My sentiments exactly, kind sir…

  6. May I suggest my mantra and motto for life: So F&%$*@g What. Bottom line is so very little is anything I can control ~ or even should be trying to control. So very little is about me. What is about me, I change if I feel it necessary, embrace if it’s not. If it isn’t about me, who cares what someone else does with their life. They are adults ~ because I still care very much about kids, and think we all should (but if you don’t, SFW) ~ and are going to live their own lives, their own ways. I can join them for their ride or I can walk away. Either way, it’s still about them, not me. So F’ing What. I highly recommend it, as it may help keep you on your new path. It certainly helps me.

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