Judge not lest ye be judged — yeah, right.

judgejudyJudge not lest ye be judged,” goeth the Biblical admonition. Wow, just like following all of the Ten Commandments to the letter (I know I’m not supposed to covet my neighbor’s ass, but she’s so damn cute – Oh, you mean her ‘donkey’, well that’s not so difficult), it’s a tall order, human nature being what it is.

The truth of the matter is, we all judge much of the time. In fact, our whole social fabric, not to mention our system of jurisprudence is based on judgment of others. I mean, we have people called ‘judges’ whose role is to ‘judge’ their fellows. Judges aren’t ordained by God, either (though some appear to believe they are), but originate in the temporal realms of a lot of sycophantic ass-kissing, voting in the prescribed manner, and having very little conscience one way or the other.

Do I unfairly malign judges? Probably. Just a judgment call on my part, I guess, and perhaps not so unfair.

But, you know how it goes. Some absolutely nefarious knave or knave-ette who can afford to hire the best legal assistance and who has good connections is either given a walk or sent to a cushy club-fed for a brief stay; or, on the other hand, a poor sap with no good connections gets an interminable sentence for a minor infraction.

But, that’s how judgment goes.

“I wanted to be a judge, but I didn’t ‘ave the Latin. I didn’t ‘ave the Latin for the judgin’ so I went down the mines instead,” sayeth the brilliant Peter Cook years ago in Beyond the Fringe. Not needed here, but I always loved the lines.

Anyway, like Jimmy Swaggart, I too am a sinner. I have indeed sinned. I judge and likely will continue to judge my fellows. Bet you do, too. I bet the Dalai Lama does. I’ll wager he’s had the odd negative thought about the Chinese government and its policies. Will we all burn in Hell? Hope not because it will be a mighty highly populated place if that’s the case. Maybe we’ll just be sent to ‘Heck.’

Here’s who I judge:

– the oozingly politically correct. The fussbudgets who deem their lives to be so perfect that they feel it is their bounden duty to take simple pleasures away from others.

– Those in the ‘entertainment’ field who suffer under the delusion that life is not vile and vulgar enough and must carry on further in the direction of utter tastelessness.
– Those who believe implicitly that racism and bigotry are confined solely to people of northern European extraction and those of such extraction must all feel guilty. Virtually every culture on the planet has its share of bigots.

– Judicial systems that subscribe to the theory that punishment must revolve exclusively around rehabilitation and that there must be no room for that very human need for retribution.

– In similar context, those who believe a mere apology is sufficient punishment for any crime or transgression.

– The dishonest (in a host of areas) that call upon friends to cover for them, in the name of friendship. I say, in the name of friendship: ‘Screw you.”

– Child molesters.

– Spousal abusers.

– Sexual assailants.

– Those who would be cruel to animals.

– Trophy hunters.

– Vandals.

– Graffiti daubers. They are not ‘artists’. Real artists do not defile the property of other people. You want to do public art, then be a pavement artist in chalk.

– Apologists for hideous regimes in foreign countries because such countries are such inexpensive places to vacation in.

– Litterers.

– Sports ‘so-called’ fans that boo the national anthems of other countries in international competitions, including hockey and baseball games.

– Abusive and perverted kids’ athletic coaches.

– Those of either sex who believe that sweat pants are acceptable garments to be worn in public places.

– In similar context, those who believe bluejeans and sweatshirts or T-shirts are quite OK to wear to a wedding, funeral, or fine-dining restaurant.

I think I could manage about 500 such items, but will refrain. I also judge those who go on and on interminably. So, come clean, who do you judge?


8 responses to “Judge not lest ye be judged — yeah, right.

  1. Oh my goodness, I could get all kinds of judge-y here. Many of yours, I will happily jump on board the Boo Train with you. What else…parents who put more stock in being their children’s friends than their children’s parents. Women who wear shoes that are too high for them to walk in gracefully. People who use a label or a diagnosis as a way to keep from doing something hard. Men who think playing games work. Women who let the games said men play work. Oh yes, on and on. And on…

  2. Those who judge me…and by golly there are plenty of them about…

  3. I judge much the same people as you. Except for the jeans. I’m definitely guilty of the jeans in nice places thing. Even the opera. Go ahead, judge me but the whole “you gotta dress uncomfortably (face it, if you don’t have to wear pantyhose you don’t know what uncomfortable is) in order to appreciate the opera – or any nice place” thing drives me batshit crazy. We probably have a bit of a generational gap thing going on that one. But I’m totally with you on the sweatpants

    • Mainly all I meant was that I like to dress up and I like it when others do as well. I have seen people in sweatshirts and jeans at weddings and that just isn’t appropriate to me.

  4. I judge those who speed through school zones as well as people who drive as if they are the most important people on the road and are the only ones who have a place to be getting to. Seems the worst are parents in a rush, oh the irony.

    • And since I live on a school zone street, I see it all the time. Fortunately the cops sometimes posiition themselves at the end of the blog and nail some offenders.

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