When we were younger, so much younger than today …

Me and my car, both much newer in 1992Me and my car. Both much newer in 1992

The marketplace would be even shakier than it is now with the current dumbfuck politicians and banker greedheads running it if it had to rely on my consumerism to bolster its coffers.

I am just a really shoddy consumer. That’s mainly because I hang on to stuff until it is truly beyond repair.

Just came back from town in my car. I like my car. It’s a nifty little sports car and it has been well-maintained. But, my consumer failing lies in the fact it is 21 years old. I want it to last me for the duration. It’s like a second skin even though its own skin is showing a few rust spots. Not a lot, but a few. I tend to call them age-spots that have been honorably earned.

While I bought the car brand-new I have actually only driven it for 20 years. OK, confession time. I am ashamed to admit that back in 1996 – when I was younger, woollier, and confessedly extremely irresponsible (yes I still feel guilty about the transgression) – I got a DUI. I deserved it, too, and the end result was I radically changed my lifestyle – and I lost my license to drive for a year. So, rather than let the car just sit I passed it on to my lovely friend, April, who happened to be between marriages and between vehicles at the time. She took wonderful care of it.

The other item I have that is in its metaphorical dotage is my little laptop. And I am writing this drivel on that little laptop. I was forced to buy it when my beloved old Mac desktop packed it in back in 2005. I’d used it since 1994, shortly after they invented electricity. Anyway, it ultimately got so slow that I could have gone out and taken an extension course in the time it took to download. See, I do renew when something has given up the proverbial.

acer1So, in 2005 I bought a little Acer Aspire laptop. Well, I am here to tell you that I worship at the shine of the Acer folk back there in Seoul or Taipei or wherever this was spawned. It was cheap as hell. I had never heard of the brand at the time, and I was a Mac-suck, so I thought this would do for the interim. Some interim. It is now 2013 by my reckoning.

My li’l Acer has been around. When we had our apartment in Victoria I would pack it with me. It has been to Europe and has seen the sights of Grenoble, Brussels, London, Great Yarmouth and Bath. It has traveled through the ‘Chunnel’. How many laptops can say that? It has been to Hawaii a couple of times at least and has motored down the Oregon coast. Oh, it goes on and on. If computers have a bucket list, it has probably fulfilled some of its desired objectives.

In a way the Acer is a bit of a metaphor for me. It still plods along and does what it’s meant to. It’s a bit slower and sometimes there are irritating glitches in which it suffers certain performance anxiety. But, usually a reboot – a kind of electronic Viagra, as it were, enables it to fulfill its function. Sorry for being suggestive there, but you get my drift.

Eventually it may pass on. But, not too soon, I hope. I like it. Just as I like my car. Maybe the car’s a metaphor, too.




13 responses to “When we were younger, so much younger than today …

  1. You just get better as you age, Ian. Like your Acer, you are constantly downloading information that keeps you current and interesting. They don’t make cars, or men like they used to. The best ones are classics, stylish, able to carry on despite occasionally being knocked about, and in both cases they get you happily to your destination.

  2. Just goes to show that with care, not everything is reduced to the rubble of planned obsolescence. As far as you are concerned, your interest, curiosity and attention makes your writing worth reading.

  3. No planned obsolescence about your writing..i don’t always comment, but I do always read.

  4. Go right ahead and be a shoddy consumer. It all plays into making you an amazingly interesting human being. Far more important and worthwhile than being an ideal consumer.

    • You say the nicest and most valued things. No wonder I like you so much. I think trying to retain interest, and perhaps sometimes conveying it, makes life worthwhile.

  5. My computer is from 2005, too. That was an okay year.

  6. I’ve never understood folks that just have to have the latest thing. If it still works, I’m going to keep it. But don’t worry about being a bad consumer. You travel, you eat, you take care of Max – you’re a consumer.

    • Oh, I know I consume in other realms. I just can’t have orgasms over the latest thing. As for technology, my only interest lies in whether or not an item would be useful for me. If not, I have no desire to purchase.

  7. I had an Acer monitor once but it never did work right – found out on the internet many were having trouble with that particular one. When my computer died my brother bought me an all-in-one which is kind of like a fixed laptop. It’s the only ‘device’ I own. Have never been interested in Blackberrys or iPhones or tablets and I seem to get along just fine without them…

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